Last week, I wrote about the game Wordle, which has taken the internet by storm. Sadly, also my Twitter feed. I just don’t get why people think it’s interesting for others to see their scores every single day but my feed is full of them.

If you haven’t yet played Wordle but love word games like Scrabble,  Jumble or the New York Times’Spelling Bee, then check out my post on how to play. As I mention in the post, one of the attractions of Wordle is that it’s not a giant time suck as you can only play once a day and a game doesn’t last long. The fastest it’s taken me is about thirty seconds and the longest is around twenty minutes. And since there’s only one game available a day, you don’t get sucked in for hours on end.

But if you do like Wordle and wish you could play a little bit more, then you should check out Airportle. It’s a clever marketing tool created by Scott’s Cheap Flights and it’s their take on Wordle. Airportle is your chance to show off your knowledge of IATA airport codes.

The game is played the same as Wordle except instead of guessing five letter words, you’re trying to guess the three letter airport code. Below is a screenshot from yesterday’s game, which I just pulled out on my last try. This is another fun game you’re going to want to bookmark.



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