Natalie and I on a Qatar Airways jet.

Are you ready to go on the trip of your lifetime this year? Well, I want to make it happen. I’m giving away two round-trip tickets to any destination where Qatar Airways flies (except Australia).

That’s right, any city that you want to visit could be a few clicks away. Just sign up for my newsletter and use the form below to enter. Then follow me on Facebook and Twitter and be entered two more times.

Here’s an overview of the important information about this giveaway:

  • Two (2) Round Trip ECONOMY CLASS Tickets from Chicago, Houston, New York (JFK), or Washington DC to any city on the Qatar Airways global network (except Australia, MEL, PER).
  • The prizewinner’s letter has no cash value, and the approximate retail value of the ticket(s) will depend on the selected destination. The tickets are non-re-routable.
  • There are blackout dates, to be determined by the airline.
  • Winner is liable for all taxes, fees, and security charges and may also be subject to taxes on the value of the ticket under applicable law.
  • Tickets must be booked 21 days prior to departure
  • Traveler and companion must have the same itinerary roundtrip
  • EXPIRATION DATE: November 12, 2013

Enter by Wednesday, January 16th, and I’ll choose a winner at random. Good luck, and Happy New Year!


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51 Comments On "Win Two Tickets Anywhere in the World"
  1. Anonymous|

    um what’s the contest?

    1. Barb M|

      I have to say the women’s packing list is awesome. Especially the helpful tip! Thanks for offering this contest!

  2. Sherell|

    One week to go!!!! My passport needs more country stamps!!!!

  3. tysonwilliams|

    Awesome price… keeping my fingers cross!

  4. Cristina Marques|

    I know it’s a random selection but…please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please pick me! Please!

  5. Katy M|

    Wow! Thanks for the amazing contest! My fingers are crossed!

  6. DeWitt Whittington|

    Does Qatar Airways fly to Buenos Aires?

  7. Toby Cone|

    Oh please send me back to Venezia!!!!

  8. navneetnarula|

    This is so exciting. I would so love to win this. Awesome contest.

  9. jeannie brust|

    Ah the fantasy!

  10. Richard|

    Let’s hope Natalie is assigned to pull the winning entry!

  11. ROY|


  12. Anna|

    Awesome contest!!!! Thanks for sharing, I’m excited!!!! #fingerscrossed

  13. tulip|

    Wow!!! its an awesome contest. Hope we will have this kind of contest more often. We can visit anywhere and there are many beautiful places in the world.

  14. Leslie Hoyer|

    What a great contest!

  15. LCSutton|

    I sooooo need a trip! Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Carl Todasco|


  17. Anonymous|

    Alright! Love this contest! Love Qatar Airways! Now I have to go figure out how to enter, other than following you on Facebook and Twitter!

  18. Jason Louttit|

    Nice – bags are packed and ready to go! :-)

  19. Ketan S|

    This is great, I can really use 2 free tickets, well almost free… :)

  20. Sharon|

    A friend of mine is going to grad school in Australia. I want to win so I can go visit…. Great prize!

  21. Sandy|

    Awesome contest!

  22. Scott Lee|

    I’m ready to go on a trip that isn’t courtesy of the United States Army (those are never very much fun…you know, war zones and all!)

  23. Thomas S.|

    Call me random…
    A great prize!

  24. Enizete Lane|

    I need a vacation…..

  25. Brian Luckhurst|

    Good luck to everyone who enters.

  26. BossNurse|

    I would LOVE to win this. Simply LOVE.

  27. Deanna Perata|

    I Recieve I Believe! I’m ready to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ace|

    Great contest, Johnny – thanks!!

  29. Raj|

    Woot! Thanks for the promotion!

  30. Kerry|

    I vote with the Venezia guy!

  31. Carla Theriot|

    I’m ready to win!

  32. Mary Mac|

    I’d love to win 2 tickets on Qatar Airways. Thanks for holding this contest.

  33. trish c.|

    wow this is great thank you

  34. Jill M.|

    Packing my bags!

  35. Paul|

    Thanks for the contest

  36. Holly Pierce|

    This would literally be a dream come true!

  37. Debra Oliver|

    A delightful man and wonderful website. Dream maker, heart breaker,…make my dreams come true!

  38. Anonymous|

    I cant wait to win the contest. I really need a vacation!!!!!

  39. Ophelia Rolle|

    This would be a dream come true, looking forward to hearing from ya!

  40. Laura|

    This would be an AMAZING addition to my 2013 year!

  41. Wanderlust|

    Fingers crossed!

  42. Judy A Jones|

    I so need a trip. Mom has been ill for 3 years and killed my travel plans. My bucket list has grown in the meantime to the point that I have to get away. Please pick me!!!

  43. Adrian|

    Who wouldn’t want this? Great way to “pay it forward”.

  44. Jodi Bouier|

    Thanks for the promotion…..would love a getaway when my husband comes home from Afghan.

  45. benjamin|

    Signed up! Fingers crossed!

  46. Philip|


  47. Tiffany Lindberg|

    This would be amazing!! Thanks for doing this!

  48. Laura|

    Just entered – have yet to fly Qatar Airways and have heard such great reviews that I cannot wait to WIN and try it for myself!! :))))))

  49. Anonymous|

    Geesh, what a week! Hubby’s transmission went out in his car ($5K), Visa bill due (2K ‘cuz of Christmas), attic repairs ($2+K, plus one of the workers put his leg through the ceiling!) Don’t get me wrong — it’s only money — but in one week we’ve been wiped out. Would be nice to get away…… Our fantasy destination is Australia and NZ. Of course, with the expenses incurred this week, it won’t happen.

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