How to breeze through security at Canadian airports

Last week we featured the MyTSA app as our Travel App of the Week. Thanks to reader Ross Craig, I now know about the Canadian equivalent: the CATSA Breeze through Security app, which is similar and available for free for both iOS an Android.

The Breeze through Security mobile app makes it easier to get through airport Canadian security screening. You can:

  • Check the wait times at security screening checkpoints in major Canadian airports
  • Search the “What Can I Bring?” list to find out if an item is allowed in carry-on baggage or in checked baggage
  • Find advice for families, passengers with special needs and seniors to help them get through airport security screening quickly and easily
  • Create a travel checklist to help pack a carry-on bag or a checked bag. It includes security restrictions on various items (e.g. liquids, food, personal items, sporting equipment, tools)
  • Provide feedback about your experience at security screening


1 Comment On "How to See How Long the Security Line Is at Canadian Airports"
  1. Andrew|

    I find the Canadian app much better too its not based on user reports that could be very low to none at times. but is by a automatic system and shows each checkpoint not just a overall at the airport. so you can sometimes find a alternate checkpoint to go to with a shorter line. sadly it doesn’t show the historical for a time period of day like the TSA one does

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