I have to warn you, this video is difficult to watch but I’m sharing it with you for two reasons. Number one, miraculously, the airline worker somehow didn’t get seriously hurt and secondly, it’s an important lesson for all travelers to make sure the jet bridge is there before stepping out.

Airline worker falls from airplane.X user @sjlazars shared the video, embedded below, with the caption: “Shocking video received on WhatsApp –
Warning ⚠️ ⛔️ alarming visuals of a staffer falling off a plane #aviation #avgeek #plane #shocking
Incident occurred in Indonesia with Transnusa airlines & Jas Airport services.”

A person who goes by @astasastra commented: “i received an information regarding the conditions of him. He was getting treatment immediately and gratefully nothing serious injury on him.”

Thank goodness. If you’re wondering how high the forward cabin door of an A320 aircraft is from the ground, it’s 11 feet, 5 inches according to Quizlet. That’s a big fall but fortunately it wasn’t from an A380 which is more than double at 26 feet. If this had happened to a passenger carrying a carry-on suitcase, this could have ended differently if the suitcase landed on them.

You don’t have to be that high up to get seriously injured or to die. Just last year, a woman in a wheelchair fell while boarding a Southwest Airlines flight when her chair flipped over. Per NBC News, “According to a lawsuit filed last year against Southwest Airlines, the Assouline family claimed Gaby was using her electric wheelchair on a jet bridge to board the plane when the chair hit a junction and flipped over.”

In June of 2023, Simply Flying reported on, “A late passenger attempting to board a Ryanair flight was captured on video falling to the ground while trying to get to the aircraft via the jet bridge at Malaga Airport in Spain. The jetbridge had already been disconnected from the Boeing 737, leaving the passenger precariously balanced on the edge of the opening.” Video embedded below.

YouTube video

Although this happened to an airline worker, it very well could have been a passenger. There have been many times when I’ve boarded or disembarked a plane and there was either a gap or the jet bridge felt uneasy or was moving because the workers hadn’t finished putting it in place.

This is why I don’t complain about having to wait a long time for the flight crew and airport staff to make sure the ramp is secured.

As dirtypj_dj commented: “I was just on a flight where I was in seat 1A. I got to see the on board staff communicate with each other as each of them double checked everything before closing and then later opening the door and steps. It was thorough. This is clearly a failure in training or a failure of staff to follow procedure.”

Have you ever witnessed something like this or have been on a jet bridge that didn’t feel secure?


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