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A scene from Joe’s five-country safari

Traveling somewhere where you might need a vaccination? Not sure? In his accounting of his African safari, Joe Sharkey (bio here) shares a great tip:

“We had planned well in advance, and found excellent service at the pharmacy at our local Safeway supermarket in Tucson. Safeway and other chains with pharmacy and clinical services—including Costco, Vons and Albertson’s—belong to SafeGard Travel Medicine. For a $49 fee, you complete an online medical form and receive a detailed report from a physician with smart recommendations for your specific trip, including vaccination requirements. We conveniently got those shots at our local Safeway pharmacy, at a cost far less than a standard doctor’s visit would have been.”

For more, check out Joe’s full story here. And if you have experience with SafeGard or a similar service, please share it in the comments!

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5 Comments On "A Cheaper Way to See If You Need a Vaccination Before a Trip"
  1. Jerry Mandel|

    Go to your county health office for correct information on what is needed and for the vaccinations.

  2. Jerry Mandel| to find out what you need. I wouldn’t rely on grocery stores.

    1. Brad|

      The SafeGard Service is backed my Travel Physicians and Nurses that are certified. The fulfillment of the vaccination and medicine is also done by trained Pharmacists. The location of the service is convenient and allows you a low cost quick and easy option.

  3. John|

    Save the travel clinic advisory fee! An excellent, no cost way to get advice on health risks traveling overseas, may be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at:

    This includes a comprehensive, detailed list and discussion of required and recommended immunizations for any country.

    1. Brad|

      In most cases depending on the country of travel the process of a professional Physician and Nurse is an added value as they look at your medical history and other factors beyond the information provided by the CDC.

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