I was up early this morning doing a travel segment on WGN Radio with host Bob Sirott. Bob asked about what’s going on with Spirit Airlines and all of their delays and cancelations. I quickly logged on to FlightAware.com to see the list of cancelled flights today.

Not only does it display all the canceled and delayed flights in the United States, but around the whole world. In addition, it shows which airports by origin and destination have the most delays and canceled flights. You can search two days ahead or look up the numbers for the day before.

I like it for travelers because it gives passengers an idea of what their travel day is going to look like.

If you want something quicker and with not so much data, then check out Flight Aware’s Misery Map. That’s right, they have a ‘misery map’ and as you can see from the screenshot above, Chicago was today’s most miserable airport thanks to bad weather.

The Misery Map displays the number of delays and cancellations at 17 of the United States’ biggest airports so you can see what the chances are of your flight(s) being miserable. Just click the airport you’re interested in and it will display the number of flights delayed and canceled and the airports with the most misery from the origin.

The good news is that I do have plenty of tips in case your flight is delayed or canceled so be sure to keep this post bookmarked. Also, here’s one bit of advice that you just need to read once and follow to save yourself further misery.

3 Comments On "Real-Time Misery Map Shows Travelers What To Expect"
  1. Tarie|

    Going to Chicago tomorrow…I hope it improves!!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Me too! Have a great trip

  2. DJ|

    My wife and I got STUCK in Southern Europe in Apr-May, 2020 (Pandemic had truly broken out).

    I used Flight aware this way: Flightaware has a website that you can use to:

    1. Identify which flights are actually being completed.
    2. Identify which ROUTES are actually “working.”

    Number two is how I was able to FIND FLIGHTS from LHR (London) to America. I began to notice that no matter what happened, NO SFO flights were landing (departing)….

    So, I broadened my searches, and by that time, early May into Mid-May 2020, I was able to see that LHR-LAX were actually being completed.

    Had I not found Flightaware, I doubt that I would have been able to easily see where flights were finally arriving in America. Dallas flights were also completing….but, that routing is horribly long, and normally there were terrible waits.

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