Amplified Captioned TelephoneThis phone is certainly going to make my travels easier when I’m trying to communicate with my legally-deaf father. For anyone who is, or knows someone, that is difficult of hearing the Ensemble is an amplified telephone that displays a transcript of your phone conversation in real-time on a large 7-inch color touchscreen. The amplified handset provides loud and clear sound of up to 50 decibels using the same state-of-the-art technology found in high-end hearing aids. Users can have the settings and contact numbers of the phone customized automatically using the built-in “ClarityLogic” customer support system. I set this up for my dad this week and it only took about five minutes, but high-speed internet was required. The captioning service, called ClearCaptions, is funded by the U.S. government and provided for U.S. residents only. ClearCaptions are only available in English and one party of the call has to be located in the U.S. It costs $229 for the phone and there are no other charges. To make sure the captioning is accurate speak slowly and clearly.

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