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Credit: The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa
Credit: The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa

A reader recently sent me an email that made my blood boil. In her message, she tells me about what I think is the most outrageous hotel fee ever. I was infuriated enough on her behalf to look into it. First, let’s start with her message:

Hi Johnny-

Just had a question for you…

Last week we booked a 7 night stay at the Westin in Grand Cayman. We usually go to the Westin St John and the BVI’s in April but sadly, had to change plans due to Irma. We booked 2 rooms with points for the stay and requested connecting rooms explaining that the second room is for my two young daughters. To my surprise, they told us they would charge us a fee of $150 PER NIGHT to ensure we had connecting rooms. My husband was infuriated and after speaking to the hotel manager was able to settle on paying that fee for 3 nights instead of 7. We happen to be Starwood Gold status but that is not the point. I have never heard of such a fee. Is this a common hotel practice?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can lend.

We all know that hotels are trying to figure out ways to make money, some going so far as to nickel and dime their customers. But this has gone too far—not to mention that it’s a safety issue.

I asked around and got the official word from Westin that The Westin in Grand Cayman does charge this fee to guarantee a connecting room. The charge is not a standard practice across Marriott International hotels, nor across the Westin brand of hotels, and is specific to this particular hotel.

I think that’s crazy. My advice to the reader who submitted this question is to either cancel the reservation and go to another hotel or go to the hotel and not pay the fee. Personally, I’d roll the dice and hope that there are two connecting rooms available. If they indeed don’t put the two young girls in a room next to their parents, then one adult will have to stay in each room with one of the children. If they are older kids, I’d let them have a party in the room so the hotel either thinks to change its policy or refund the guests in the surrounding rooms who will no doubt complain.

What would you do?


10 Comments On "This Is the Most Outrageous Hotel Fee Ever"
  1. Jean Farrell|

    Holy moly! I cannot tell you how many connecting rooms I have stayed in, all over the world, and I have never been charged an extra cent for the connecting rooms. I’ve been told sometimes that I could not be guaranteed connecting rooms when I asked for them, but never once have I arrived and not had connecting rooms. That truly is outrageous.

  2. Ernest S.|

    Wow, that is completely outrageous. I’m definitely not a fan of resort fees, especially when there doesn’t seem to be a reason for the charges. Hopefully, Marriott/Westin will see this article and execute more guidance and control with their resorts.

  3. Robbo|

    I would go, take the room, and provided they have not charged you in advance, kick up the loudest screaming match at reception, call for the GM, make a huge scene and totally embarrass these recalcitrants into wiping the fee, what a scandal this is. I have a trip planned for Grand Cayman next month, Westin and Starwood have lost this guest, how dare they

  4. mslewis|

    I would be mad enough to cancel my Starwood Gold program and get another one. Failing that, I would cancel the reservation and go to another island and use the points there. Plus, they need to go on social media and let people know about this outrageous charge. If enough people did that, this hotel would change their policy.

  5. Susan Boiko|

    For many families, it’s a safety issue. My 92 year old mother needs me to help her use r
    the bathroom at night. If there are other family members and we can’t get a bed for her, adjoining rooms with the door between left open is a MUST.
    I would have found out the address of the Marriott CEO, and have immediately brought this to their attention. i
    I would also have disputed the charge on my credit card. Thanks, Johnny, for being the traveler,p’s advocate,

  6. Tim|

    I would never stay in a Westin again.
    I’d publicize this in a scathing TripAdvisor review.
    I’d make sure it hit as much social media as possible.

  7. Steph|

    What a family UNfriendly policy. I would not pay it either. Annoying as resort fees to use the pool may be, I can make a case for upkeep and maintenance etc but adjoining rooms? Go somewhere else.

  8. Nicole Simmons|

    In Hawaii last year we paid a $90/day “resort fee”. I told my mom to object but she’s older and didn’t want to make a fuss. WTF? I’m already paying to stay at your F’ing resort. We got nothing for this fee.

  9. Lynn Farrar|

    Please keep your politics to yourself. You cherry pick the stats and make yourself and the county look bad.

  10. Linda|

    How childish to recommend the children hold a loud party. Why should other guests be mistreated just because parents were unhappy with the fee? Move to a more accommodating hotel.

    Secondly, guns can cause massive damage. However, the LV shooter was an anomaly who was truly evil. He was NOT a typical gun owner. If you are so afraid of traveling in the USA, how do you make a living dependent on the travel industry?

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