No one likes to be trapped on a plane under any circumstances. It’s so frustrating, for both passengers and crew members, when a gate is not available or the jet bridge is broken, or there aren’t enough workers. But when you add an outside element to things, like the plane being too hot, smoke, having sick passengers surrounding you or a deadly wild animal on the loose, it obviously makes things so much worse. Well, recently, a flight in Mexico just added a new one the list. RELATED: Snakes on a Plane Just Happened in Real Life and You Have to See the Video to Believe it

According to El Sol de León, a local Mexican news agency, Volaris Flight 221, “this afternoon October 06 at the Guadalajara International Airport was delayed a few hours because the cabin of the plane where they would travel was infested with mosquitoes. The departure was supposed to be at 16:32 from the airline Volaris to Mexico City and did not leave until 19:00 hrs. approximately.”

Supposedly, the mosquitoes entered the cabin and began to attack the crew and passengers. “Some people tried to kill the insects for fear that they were going to infect them with dengue and could get sick.” Video posted to social media (embedded above) shows cabin crew walking down the aisle spraying aerosol insecticides.

El Sol de León says it only managed to make the mosquitoes more agitated. They also went on to report, this is not the first time this type of thing has occurred at the Guadalajara Airport, as other users on social media reported this happening when boarding flights from the capital of Jalisco.

The airport authorities have recognized that it is a problem because of their location. However, “they have taken measures to decrease it such as pruning the grass, making nebulizations and applying larvicides.”

I’ve been to Guadalajara International Airport and didn’t have any problems – thank God, as this would have been a mini nightmare.

It does remind me of the times when I used to fly to Australia and parts of Asia and the crew would spray the cabin when we landed to get rid of any bugs. To be honest, I used to be more afraid of the chemicals being sprayed than I was of the insects. I don’t think they do it any more but I haven’t been to either continent since the pandemic.

I’ve also been on Volaris. In fact, I was at their media day when they first launched flights to the USA, in 2009, I believe. I remember how new and colorful their planes and cabin crew uniforms were.

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