“Show me your luggage and I will tell you who you are.”
Gaston-Louis Vuitton

There’s something about a travel sticker that just reminds us of a time when travel was entering its golden age. The 1920s saw the construction of steam-powered trains and ships all over the world. It was a time when traveling would take weeks to accomplish distances that we now cover in mere hours.

Because of the lengthy travel times of the era, travel itself became a destination; people would dress in their most glamorous outfits and just “enjoy the ride.” Travel stickers or luggage stickers were designed as promotional tools by hotels so that people could show where they had been. The hotels would place a sticker of the city or country you were visiting, usually accompanied by the hotel’s name as well, and it was seen as a badge of honor. It told everyone, “Yes, it took me months to get here, but I made it.” They were also a great way to not confuse your travel trunks with someone else’s.

Many people still apply stickers to their luggage (myself included), and as more durable luggage is now commonplace we’re seeing these hard-shell cases covered in stickers. But if hotels are not designing and applying these stickers then where are they coming from? People have been collecting and creating their own custom travel stickers—and they can do both at StickerYou. You can browse through our bestsellers or upload your own custom sticker; it is a great way to get a personalized badge for a specific trip and tell the world of the many sights you have seen. It is also a great way to tell your luggage apart from everyone else’s as they rotate along the conveyor waiting to be claimed.

In celebration of the travel sticker, StickerYou.com is offering a free custom travel sticker to the first 100 visitors to their site (limit one per customer) so get one while you can and help bring back the lost art of luggage stickers.

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