Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia

Exciting news! The Los Angeles Dodgers who just clinched a spot in the playoffs will open their 2014 season in Sydney, Australia! They will be playing their NL West division rival the Arizona Diamondbacks on March 22, 2014 and I’m planning on being there.

Travel packages are now available for US fans to get tickets to the game from Down Under Answers. Flights and accommodation deals start at $2499 per person.

The Opening Series marks the beginning of the Major Baseball League season, and has only been played outside the United States six times, including four Series in Japan.

The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), will be hosting the Opening Series, 100 years after it hosted an exhibition game between Chicago White Sox and New York Giants in 1914.  The SCG, will be transformed into a Major Baseball League field, with the construction of an infield clay area, pitcher’s mound, dugouts and additional grandstand.

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2 Comments On "Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondback to Meet Down Under to Start 2014 MLB Season"
  1. John J|

    Wow, thanks for the info, going to book my ticket right now. Lol

  2. BFrankley|

    That’s Major League Baseball, not Major Baseball League. Don’t want the Aussies getting confused.

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