AMS-YYZ-on-KLM-July-1-2013-021-910x603KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, known for its innovative uses of social media in simplifying travel for their customers, has just become the first airline in the world to allow their passengers to pay for flights via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Previously, customers were able to use these sites for services such as booking or rebooking flights, reserving seats and more. In response to customer indications that paying through these channels would be of even greater convenience, KLM will now send a direct link to the customer in a private message via their social media site of choice (Facebook or Twitter), where the customer can then select a method of payment. After one of KLM’s 130 social media agents receives a message that payment has gone through, the transaction is complete and the customer will immediately receive confirmation of their payment. Already the world’s most popular airline on Facebook (having just reached five million fans last week), this new method is sure to please customers across the globe.

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