How to make sure you never sleep through your alarm again

I’m not sure if this happens to you too, but usually when I have an early morning flight I end up getting a terrible night’s sleep. I guess it’s nerves, since I get anxious about accidentally sleeping through my alarm. Then a few days ago, a reader asked me if I could recommend a travel alarm clock for the hearing-impaired.

This was a great question since an alarm that caters to the hearing-impaired could also benefit early-morning travelers. (My dad would also benefit from one since he’s legally deaf without his cochlear implant in.) I ended up asking listeners of Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy show (I call in every Saturday at 12:30pm PT), aka devices that help you not sleep through your alarm. These were the two best answers/products I received:

1. The Sonic Bomb Wireless Vibrating Alarm ($38.97 on Amazon)

From Jim B.: “Johnny, I just heard you asking about a loud alarm clock for people that are hard of hearing. I bought this clock from Amazon ($29) last year for my 90 yo mom. She is very hard of hearing and this wakes her up. It also comes with a bed vibrator that says it will shake you out of bed, although she doesn’t use that.”

UPDATED on January 28, 2020: The newest version of the Sonic Bomb, which is pictured above, contains the “universe’s most powerful bed shaker” and can connect wirelessly to your phone. Among the device’s other vitals:

  • You can set multiple alarms and notifications with an app.
  • The user-selectable alarm duration goes from 15 seconds to 10 minutes and the user-selectable snooze time is from five to 30 minutes.
  • You can choose their vibration pattern and strength per their interest.
  • You can turn off the alarm sound on your phone and only use the vibrator.
  • You can name your different alarms.
  • The battery itself lasts six months when used every day. If not used every day, it could last up to two years.
  • The device is covered under a one-year warranty.


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