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Unfortunately, I don’t have DISH because it’s not offered in my area. That’s too bad because everytime I go to my friend’s house (he has DISH and the HopperGO), he makes sure that I leave green with envy. Not that I would ever record 16 shows or movies at once, but it’s pretty cool that you can with DISH. What’s even cooler is that he can watch all the NFL games he wants, including our favorite team, the New York Giants. Since I live in L.A., the Giants are only on a few times a year so if I want to watch them, I have to go to a sports bar, which isn’t my type of fun.

What’s unbelievable is that DISH allows my buddy and other subscribers to basically turn their TV into a sports bar, where they can watch four games at once. It’s a Fantasy Football player’s dream.

Now DISH has created HopperGO, a new device that complements DISH. This portable device is half the size of a deck of cards, and can store up to 100 hours of shows that you pre-recorded on your DISH Hopper and then transferred to the HopperGO.

Every person who has a DISH Hopper and travels-—no matter if it’s on an overseas flight or a drive to grandma’s house—will want to have a HopperGO, since this pocket DVR doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection or cell service. No more worrying about what the plane’s entertainment will be like, or if the airline will offer any at all. For those (ahem, my sister) who always have way too many photos on their phones and tablets, you won’t have to start frantically deleting images and videos so you can free up space to watch your favorite shows.

The HopperGO doesn’t have wires or cords or use data, and it can connect up to five devices at once. This means a family of five or a group of five friends can watch different shows on five different devices at the same time. All everyone needs to do is connect their mobile device to your HopperGO’s private hotspot (you have to give them the password). No more arguing over who gets to watch what on long boring rides or car trips. FYI: The battery lasts up to four hours and can be recharged through any USB port.

Even better news: DISH is now offering a Cyber Monday deal, so NEW subscribers will get a HopperGO device for free (restrictions apply).

Call DISH from this promotion site, sign up for any DISH base pack (must include a DVR: Hopper 2 or Hopper 3) and be sure to mention the offer code: “Free HopperGO” when you call to get a free HopperGO. This offer is free for a limited time through Dec. 11th.

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  1. Fester|

    As usual, Dish screws their existing customers who cannot get this offer.

  2. Henry Juarez|

    I want this deal

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