FlyExI’ve written many, many times about how to find cheap airfare. It’s what everybody wants to know, and while there are tips and tricks that can help, there is no one tool or search engine that will always have the best prices. You have to check around, clicking links and typing in your destination over and over again until you’ve seen what’s out there. Being travel-savvy can be time-consuming!

But what if someone else spent that time searching for you? That’s the idea behind FlyEx, a new travel app that’s making waves after launching at South By Southwest in March. It’s being called the Uber/Airbnb of flight/hotel search due to its two-sided model. Here’s how it works:

  • You download the free FlyEx app for iPhone (Android is coming soon!)
  • You’re connected with an “Aviator,” a real-life travel expert who now works for you
  • You input what flights and/or hotels you’re looking for, with dates
  • Your Aviator works behind the scenes—using FlyEx’s own AI, exclusive deals and general travel know-how—to find you the best deals
  • You review and filter your results via real-time chat with your Aviator; if you find a better price than your Aviator does using any means other than FlyEx, that price is yours with a simple upload (see “The Beat Zone” below)
  • When you’re ready, you book directly through the app

How it works

It’s an end-to-end booking experience that really might be a game-changer (it’s still new). And it comes out of Silicon Valley, where, allegedly, a group of people with over 150 years of combined travel experience has been tinkering with and perfecting it for more than two years. Since that alone doesn’t mean a good deal for you, here’s a deeper look at some of the core features of FlyEx:

Real, 24/7, human support
The FlyEx AI is powerful, but what’s really cool about FlyEx is the way it pairs its AI with a real person. You can chat, SMS-style, with your Aviator 24/7 in human terms. Want help choosing a destination? Want to try looking for hotels in Spain another time of year? You can direct the whole search without having to spend hours poring over Google Flights, Expedia and rest. The “Travel Chat” section of the app is fantastic. You can even call and speak with the FlyEx team over the phone if you’d rather do it that way.

In-app booking
Some flight/hotel search engines find rates and then redirect you to booking sites to book on your own. With FlyEx, you can book and complete the whole process without leaving the app.

The Beat Zone
What FlyEx calls its price-match service. Basically, if you find a better price on a flight or hotel than what your Aviator serves you, you simply upload a screenshot of the new price in the app via the Beat Zone and you’ll be able to book that better price.

You can also be an Aviator!
As noted, the Aviators that help you search (for no fee) are real people. And they know their travel stuff. Well, they’re so real in fact that you yourself can also apply to be an Aviator on If approved, you’ll make money finding cheap flights for people, with all risk assumed by FlyEx.

Have you tried FlyEx? Let me know what you think in the comments!


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.


3 Comments On "Is This the Uber of Flight Search?"
  1. Megan|

    I’ve used this app a couple of times and yes have gotten the best price at the time for a couple of flights. BUT, I feel like they rarely update the app or flights. For the last three days I have tried booking a flight on their app and everyday, multiple times have gotten an error message. I didn’t know what was going on so I called once and they told me the flight was available but I had to book through the app and not on the phone with them???? Ok, whatever. So then I kept trying and getting the same error message. I got fed up and tried the same search again the next day, the same flights came up and the one I wanted was still listed on the app. Tried booking it again, error message. I called again and I was told that the flight hasn’t been available for awhile now. So why is it still coming up in the search if it not available, THREE days later. Why are they offering flights that you don’t have availability for? It just doesn’t make sense.

  2. Erik Heeres|

    Do you have any contact information for FlyEx. They are not answering chat, emails or calls.

  3. davina conkling|

    I am on my 3rd call with FlyEx. They have 5400 dollars and won’t return my calls. My flights are canceled due to Covid, I did not cancel. My next step is CA consumer department and an attorney. This is not ok.

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