A favorite luggage brand among flight crew has a new, sturdy luggage line

Shortly after I featured Roam’s customizable luggage last week, I received an email from the PR team at Travelpro. Here’s what it said: “Trendy, Instagram-perfect luggage might look great, but it’s bound to dent and break after just a few uses. If you’re a frequent traveler looking for a suitcase that will withstand everything airlines throw at it (and more!), Travelpro has the suitcase for you.”

Obviously, I do think Roam’s luggage will last more than a few uses—each piece even comes with a five-year warranty—but I would bet that it doesn’t hold up nearly as well as Travelpro’s bags do. First of all, hard suitcases (in my humble opinion) aren’t as sturdy as soft cases. Secondly, Travelpro is the brand I most often see flight crew using.

I first learned about the brand when I dated a United flight attendant 19 years ago. Fast-forwarding to 2019, Travelpro is now, for the first time, offering consumers the same professional-grade materials that have made its Flight Crew line a favorite luggage brand among crew with the new and limited-edition Crew Expert collection. Crew Expert luggage comes in two models: the Global Carry-On Expandable Rollaboard ($221) and the Max Carry-On Expandable Rollaboard ($238). Both models are built for extreme use and incorporate “a honeycomb frame system, robust corner armor, and crash-guard wheel housings” that provide ultimate protection. And just like Flight Crew bags, Crew Expert luggage is packed with organizational compartments to make life on the road easier to manage.

You can purchase both bags on Amazon or on Travelpro.com. Both websites appear to offer free shipping.

Weigh in: What suitcase do you travel with? What suitcase do you think is the sturdiest?


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