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I’m an organized packer. I think I can confidently say that. I start packing well in advance of any trip, never leave it until the last minute and do everything I can to avoid the dreaded panic-packing. You know – when you’re running around like a lunatic throwing just-in-case nonsense into your suitcase with just minutes to spare before racing out the door to get to the airport. RELATED: Stop overpacking: 10 things you don’t need to pack

Data scientist Luke Scarpino shared a genius packing list.
One of my best ways to stay organized is by using packing cubes. My all-time favorite packing cubes are from Quince. The six-pack of Eco Compression Packing Cubes are hands-down the best I’ve used (and I’ve tried A LOT of packing cubes). They’re made from a water-resistant twill (constructed from recycled water bottles) and each cube can be compressed by up to 60% to reduce the space taken up in your suitcase. They are deeper and more durable than any other packing cube I’ve tried and I won’t travel without them now.

Another packing tip I love came from a friend of mine, who has a duplicate toiletry bag always packed and ready to go. She said, “I’ve found that when I’m panic-packing, it’s always crucial toiletry items that get left behind – probably because they’re small and plenty. So awhile back, I bought another one of everything I need to get ready in the morning (even my makeup essentials and hairdo hardware), and I always keep my travel toiletries bag fully packed and ready to go.”

Staying organized is key when you’re packing to avoid forgetting key items at home and like many people, I use a packing list. I made a Master Packing List in the Notes app of my phone and for every trip, I copy it and adapt it for the particular destination I’m headed to. But TikToker Luke Scarpino takes packing lists to the next level and I have to admit, it’s pretty impressive.

According to his bio, Scarpino is a data scientist. He says he “builds tools to optimize your life and finds the best products so you don’t have to.” Once you see his packing list, this will make a lot of sense.

In his video, Scarpino shows the spreadsheet he has created and says: “Okay, so everyone makes fun of me for how I pack, but I think I’m just organized. Let me show you and see what you think. I list out every item that I need to remember to pack. And then I also list the associated bag that the item goes in. And I even have, you know, on my person here because I don’t want to forget my keys or my wallet or something really important the day I’m leaving.”

He goes on to say: “And then as I’m packing, I just go through and I check off each item as I pack it. And at the same time, I can see for each bag, what percentage of that have I packed, and then, what is my total pack percentage. And then the benefit of it being in a list is that you can go here and you can filter it. If I just want to focus on packing my backpack, I can just select the backpack and it shows me all the items I need there. I don’t know. Am I weird for this?”

Weird? No, not really. An organized genius? Absolutely! Watch Luke’s video (embedded below) to see the spreadsheet and how it works.

@luke.scarpino Is how i pack for vacation normal? #travel #productive #excel #googlesheets #finance #packing #suitcase ♬ original sound – Luke Scarpino

As with most TikTok videos, the comments are the best part and this one is no exception. Let’s start with the fact that Google, Tripadvisor,, Hilton and Expedia are among the top commenters:

Google: ? it’s so beautiful ?

Tripadvisor: Is it normal? No. Is it the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen? Yes. We have no choice but to stan

Hilton: normal? maybe not… but we need that link asap to help us pack for our next stay ?

Expedia: nothing gets left behind ?

Other viewers loved the idea as well …

paperback princess: This is so extra and over the top… where can I download it immediately

… and so many people asked for a template that Scarpino made it available to download for free in the bio of his TikTok account, along with upgraded paid versions.

One commenter, Jeffrey, also made a great point, saying: “Also great if the airline loses your bag, you already have a detailed list for reimbursement.”

The video garnered so much attention, Scarpino made a follow-up video, which you can watch below:

@luke.scarpino It has been a wild 72 hours #googlesheets #travel #vacation #packing #thetemplate #lukescarpino ♬ original sound – Luke Scarpino

And Google appeared again in the comments:

Google: you’ve earned this ?

I plan to use this for my next trip and like Scarpino commented: “The fun thing is if you use this same list when it is time to return home, you will never forget something at a hotel again ?”


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5 Comments On "‘Everyone makes fun of me for how I pack’: Data scientist shares genius packing list that impresses even Google"
  1. Carol|

    Where is the WHOLE LIST?

  2. Natalie DiScala|

    Hi Carol – you may have missed the sentence above that has a link to the creator’s bio, where he links the templates: “so many people asked for a template that Scarpino made it available to download for free in the bio of his TikTok account, along with upgraded paid versions.” But here it is for you: Hope you enjoy using it! :)

  3. Marie|

    I have been doing something like this for years and especially since one of my first trips, I totally forgot the digital camera – left it sitting on my desk at home. I remembered it when I was on the plane.

    I made a master list in a simple excel file. I have one for road trips and one for overseas trips. It includes everything needed for the trip and each is in a category, clothes, toiletries, electronics, etc. And, there are columns for packed/checked suitcase, carry-on, tote, purse, or whatever means is used. Each is marked for it’s location as I pack it and since I have been using e-bags packing cubes forever, it’s a simple thing to find my item. And, I color code my items; i.e., always using the medium size pink for underclothing, the purple medium for tights and tops, etc. I then print my list – making 2 copies – one for going and one for returning.

    My overseas traveling friends have adapted my method as they realized it helps to be organized and one can now just simply enjoy your trip and not be thinking of “what did I forget?”. My husband likes it for road trips and I find him consulting the “listing” also.

    Happy traveling!

  4. Melanie B Lucero|

    Can we get the specific name of his wife’s shoe? There are so many.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi Melanie,

      I will ask Natalie but which shoe are you referring to? She has a lot ;-)

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