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I started using disinfectant wipes long before the pandemic made it a thing. Fellow passengers have been looking at me like the germ freak that I am for decades. That’s because I always travel with a bag full of individual packets of disinfectant wipes that I get from Target, Walmart or Amazon. I know everyone is used to sanitizing their hands regularly these days (this is the most amazing smelling hand sanitizer and doesn’t dry out your hands) but you should also make sure you’ve got disinfectant wipes on you, to minimize germs when you’re on the go.

Besides washing your hands often and keeping your fingers away from your face, disinfectant wipes to clean hard surfaces are another tool to help prevent you from getting sick. It takes less than a minute to disinfect high-touch surfaces on the airplane, in your hotel room, inside your rental car, etc. On the airplane, for example, I wipe down everything I touch, like the seatbelt, tray table, window shade and overhead compartment latch. In a rental car, I’ll wipe down all the controls and the steering wheel. In a hotel room, the door handles, light switches and remote controls, which are notoriously one of the dirtiest things in a hotel room. DID YOU KNOW: The hair dryer is also one of the filthiest things in your hotel room? Here’s an amazing hair tool that’s easy to travel with so you don’t have to deal with those nasty germs.

On Amazon, these travel-friendly packages of Clorox disinfectant wipes come in a three-pack of 75 wipes for $13.47. At the time of publication, there’s a coupon for $4 off, bringing the price down to $9.47, which translates to $0.04 per wipe. Here are more Clorox disinfectant wipes to check out.

GOOD TO KNOW: Disinfectant wipes are effective for cleaning hard surfaces like those mentioned above but should never be used on your skin. For keeping your hands clean, use antibacterial wipes. I always travel with individual packets of Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes. I keep them in my pocket, in my carry-on and in my suitcase so they’re always easy to find.

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