An influencer named Lily, whose bio reads, ‘made in Japan’, posted a travel video that’s either funny or annoying, with background music of an emergency siren. The caption reads: “One thing I will never understand …” and then shows passengers hurrying to grab their bags and get off the plane while she’s still sitting down in her seat chilling and rolling her eyes.


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I’m actually the complete opposite of Lily and I think many others are too, at least by the comments, which I will get to in a minute. But I am always jumping up the moment the pilot turns the seatbelt sign off, for a number of reasons:

1. I’m always in a hurry, even if we’re early. I can’t explain it but it’s just in my DNA. I know … it’s basically, hurry up and wait. However, now that I have kids, I’ve become far more patient and am much less in a hurry all the time thanks to fatherhood.

2. I’m an antsy kind of person and don’t like sitting for long periods, especially in uncomfortable and tight airplane seats. I like to get up and stretch my legs.

3. I always put a bag in the overhead bin (or two if I’m in the bulkhead or exit row that doesn’t have sufficient storage like many aisle seats, especially on American Airlines) and I want to make sure I have my bag ready to go, unlike those who seriously take a minute or two to pull their bags out.

However, if the plane is late and the pilot or flight attendant asks passengers who don’t have a tight connection to remain seated, I always wait until those passengers get off because I can relate to how frustrating it is to miss a flight – especially if it’s because some slow poke passenger in front is taking their sweet time to get their bags and stroll leisurely off the plane.

I also take my time if I’m traveling with my kids because in those instances, we’ve checked a bag or two and it’s going to be a while before they come out.

Here are some comments that were left on the video:

“One time when my plane landed the pilot made the usual request for everyone to please remain seated until we reached the gate. Most people ignored his request and stood up. Then he slammed on the brakes, and they all flew forward and slammed into each other. It was fabulous.” ~ jayson.1.1

“Some people have a connecting flight to catch…..people who ask this never have connecting flights?” ~ witarzan

“Like my legs need stretching after long flight. I will choose to stand and get my circulation going and I’m young, yes those few minutes matter. Thank you for staying in your seat.” ~ lorirayev

“Unless you have a connecting flight the correct move is to politely wait your turn.” ~ luke.loves.dogs

“Unpopular opinion: I don’t understand what you don’t understand… I’m usually in the first 15 rows and I’m trying to get off the plane so you filming me from the back can off sooner too?? And I usually sit by the window and haven’t stood for hours and my knees hips and back are screaming. I’ll never understand people hating on people standing up once we’re allowed to stand.” ~ briannadon

“I stand up not because I’m anxious to get out or “be the first person out”, but because I’m genuinely uncomfortable and need to stretch my legs.” ~ rachelhoagie

How about you? Are you Team Lily or Team Johnny Jet on this one?


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5 Comments On "Do passengers who stand up as soon as the seatbelt sign goes off to grab their bags bother you?"
  1. David R. Miller|

    I always sit in a window seat. I prefer to wait til most have deplaned. Sitting another 5 – 10 minutes allows me to avoid all of the congestion, bumping, groaning and pushing. It has been proven time and again that you can’t change herd mentality – but you can avoid it.

  2. Marlin|

    Team Lily all the way. Get super annoyed by this, but mostly by the people who don’t have the proper etiquette to allow everyone to get off in order, but just barge up the aisle past us. It’s fine if you enjoy standing in the aisle, but fricken wait your turn. I also almost never put anything in the overhead, but have my stuff under the seat.

    Why are people in such a hurry? Aside from a tight connection, just why?

  3. Jeff Wahlgren|

    Team Johnny Jet.

    I’m 6’5″ tall with long legs. Time in a coach seat is brutal and I need to stand up just to get the blood flowing. I don’t rush to get off the plane, I just stand there waiting my turn while my body resets.

  4. Marlin|

    I like the way you think.

  5. Rose|

    As long as they are just doing it to stretch legs and yes, get prepared to get their bag off, but there is not room for each aisle person to do that someone has to give. There was an older couple who did this and we had barely reached the gate and they both squeezed out and grabbed their bags and pushed their way forward…….I cannot stand rudeness or no condsideration of others. I may stand, if someone else hasn’t (note I’m usually way in the back and have to wait a loooooong time to get off, so no point in rushing), but I don’t have anything in overhead and I always wait for all the rows in front of me to get off. It takes ridiculously too long to get off these days since most people have to grab bags from the overhead–which was meant for carry-ons and NOT suitcases.

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