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Everybody identifies with somewhere, whether they’re blood or not. For me, it’s Croatia, a small country of just four million people in southeastern Europe. Eight years after my first visit I’m still asked, “Why?” The answer used to be long and drawn out, but today it’s because I just feel like I’m at home in this country. I feel as though I belong here.

My journey in Croatia began when I filmed my first travel show here in 2009 called WOW Croatia, which airs on AWE TV (DirecTV channel 387). After having zero expectations, I was blown away by the cuisine and landscapes, surprised everyone spoke English, and most taken by how warm and friendly the people were.

Through the years I returned more than 20 times, and a little over a year ago I decided to buy a place. I’ve filmed documentaries about the country that air worldwide and even learned the language (not an easy task). So what’s next? Doing business and living in Croatia has really allowed me to become an “expert” on the country. I receive countless emails and messages everyday from people around the world looking for the best sites and advice when planning their trips. This is why my summer project is creating Ashley Colburn’s Croatia Video Guides: three-minute videos that show you what you need to do throughout the various cities, counties and national parks of Croatia.

Each month I’ll share a new video with you here on and hopefully inspire you to visit my new home. More information on how to travel here, what to pack, tips, and more will all be available on very soon!

First up: Zagreb County

At the top of this post is my first video guide, on Zagreb County. The capital city of Zagreb is a must because it’s quaint, you can walk throughout the old town, and it has a really good vibe both day and night. However, there are small villages and towns in the surroundings that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you’re in the area. Wine roads, old wooden churches and long traditions run deep throughout Zagreb County.

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  1. Izy Berry|

    What a charming place! I would have never expected such a wonderful interior from the Saint Barbara church! The actors at that oak house seemed a bit funny though.

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