A Couch Crash picnic from last year in Madison, Wisconsin (Photo: Couchsurfing)
A Couch Crash picnic from last year in Madison, Wisconsin (Photo: Couchsurfing)

This summer, all the way through September, Couchsurfing will be putting on a series of events that showcase the unique culture, food, special events and adventure of local areas around the country and world. The events are called Couch Crashes, and with a name like that, these events have to be awesome!

How a Couch Crash works
Couchsurfing hosts (locals that live in a select area) organize a four-day itinerary (usually including a weekend), choosing activities that aren’t touristy and instead are perhaps a favorite brunch hangout or a great beach volleyball spot the locals frequent themselves. Some activities on the itinerary take place at the same time, so guests have more than one option to choose from. Then, at the ned of the night, the group usually joins back together to hang out in full. They’ve seen as many as 200 people in attendance at Couch Crashes.

Couchsurfing also hopes that by putting on these events, people can get acquainted with the Couchsurfing network.

This weekend
There’s a San Diego Couch Crash going on now through July 19 that consists of bonfires, brunch, surfing, a parade, and a bar hop through town. Other Couch Crashes are slated to take place in the Twin Cities, Madison, Buenos Aires, and Milan.

With travelers craving off-the-beaten-path, local experiences, this is a really great idea for events. Think about exploring these places with a local and meeting new friends instead of having a tour guide show you around!

Check out the Couchsurfing blog for more information on upcoming dates and activities.

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