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Note from Johnny Jet: Bob Sirott and his wife Marianne Murciano are Chicago media legends. Both are television anchors and radio hosts. I’ve been fortunate to be a regular guest on their shows for almost two decades. My first appearance was on Travel Channel Radio, PBS’ WTTW and for the last few years WGN. So when they told me they’re hosting a Holy Lands cruise, I invited them to write a guest post so readers can get to know them on a dream trip.

From Bob and Marianne:  
If you’re thinking about a 2023 spring vacation, now is the time to book. The cruise business is back and this is one of the best cruise lines and itineraries you’ll find. We’re taking a cruise at the end of May and inviting you to come along. The information is on In case you’re coming, here’s our short list of do’s and don’ts for this or any cruise!

DO try to talk others, at least one other couple you know, into going with you. It’s fun to meet new people on the cruise but also nice to spend extra special time and share the experience with people you love.

DON’T stay in your cabin for long periods of time even if it’s a super luxurious suite. It’s too easy to miss all the lovely nooks and crannies and things to do on the ship. Get out and walk all the levels. Plus, all the steps you take will make you feel better about all the food you’ll be consuming.

DO bring the book you’ve been wanting to finish reading. When you’re not napping, a deck chair in the ocean breeze is perfect for that.

DON’T carry your phone with you constantly like you do back home. It’s just too tempting to go down your usual social media rabbit holes and take time away from that book.

DO get off the ship and take excursions. It’s worth it. Seeing the port of Sicily doesn’t mean you’ve seen Italy.

DON’T try to separate from your tour group and “meet back at the ship later.” Bob still remembers watching in horror from the ship as Marianne ran and boarded seconds before the cruise departed.

DO allow yourself to indulge in the often free and open bars. If an ocean voyage to exotic locations isn’t a perfect time to kick back and loosen up, then what is?

DON’T overdo the cocktails. You know your limit. Would you really like your sightseeing to be confined to the four walls of the ship’s infirmary?

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