Airplane passengers continue to disappoint. Have they always? Or is it the introduction of and rise in smart phone and social media use that enables this bad behavior to be recorded and widely shared for everyone to see? RELATED: Seat Kidnapping: I Can’t Believe it’s a Thing – Here’s What to Do If it Happens to You While Traveling

According to FOX News, “A woman apparently threw thousands of dollars in loose bills at a man on an airport runway after the couple were escorted off a plane following a “fierce argument” between them on board, passengers claimed and SWNS, the British news agency, reported. After the couple’s on-flight fight, the airplane had to be diverted, onlookers said.” FYI: SWNS is a British news agency, also known as South West News Service.

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It turns out the couple was flying from London’s Heathrow International Airport to Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) on EVA Airlines. If you’re wondering about EVA Airways, they’re a Taipei-based airline and EVA stands for Evergreen Airways. I too, had no idea EVA made a stop in Bangkok on the way to Taipei.

Turns out the plane had to make another stop thanks to this couple. Per FOX, “They said the couple had “a blazing row” — and that the pilot then told passengers that for safety reasons, he would have to turn back and land in Vienna, Austria. That diversion reportedly would add an extra two-and-a-half hours to the trip.”

Well, they ended up spending a lot more than two-and-a-half hours as the crew timed out so passengers had to spend the night in a Vienna hotel before getting back on the plane. As for the couple, hopefully, they spent the night in jail, as they were both arrested.

What’s crazy is that according to View From The Wing, the female passenger wanted a free upgrade from economy to Premium Economy and so did her partner who ended up smoking an e-cigarette on board, which it probably goes without saying, is a big-no-no. The two passengers insulted crewmembers and flight attendants were subjected to “physical abuse.”

“It took eight passengers to restrain them, including taping the man to his seat for three hours. The flight diverted, and they were taken off. The woman threw £5,000 (US $6,000) at the man. It blew off in the wind. He then went after the money. Some of the cash was picked up by an officer.”

Crazy. However, what’s not surprising is that the couple was really intoxicated. Doesn’t it seem like almost every air rage incident involves alcohol? There have been a ton but the most recent one that comes to mind is the passenger who urinated on their American Airlines seatmate.

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