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Former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, former Secretary of State, were not only spotted on a United Airlines flight this week, but it was detailed by no other than an RFK Jr. campaign consultant. Neither were flying for a work function so it was just a coincidence.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were seen flying on United Airlines.According to Link Lauren, the Clintons were flying from Newark (EWR) to Jackson Hole (JAC), Wyoming on UA 1547. The flight departs EWR at 5:59 PM and arrives at 8:53 PM local time. Lauren, whose description was full of bad joke, did say, “all jokes aside and no matter how you feel politically, Bill Clinton has this old school, politician charisma that can’t be taught, can’t be duplicated. He was very nice to take pictures with people. Hillary, during the flight, people would come up to chat with her, she would smile, seem engaged, so I can’t knock them on that front.”

Lauren went on to say, “Bill loves to take pictures, he was up in the galley chatting with the flight attendants.” Lauren also addressed his friends and followers questions about why the Clintons were flying commercial, where the Secret Service was and why he was being escorted by Port Authority.

Lauren said the Clintons were traveling with Secret Service. He saw three agents back in coach wearing ear pieces and had on a Secret Service pin. Secret Service also had the entire row behind the Clintons, there was Secret Service in the row next to them and he had an assistant near him helping him change the channels.

When I saw the photos and videos, it reminded me of when I was on a flight with the then Second Lady of the United States, Tipper Gore. I was flying United from Los Angeles (LAX) to San Francisco (SFO) and she was in the first row of economy. I was seated a few rows behind her and my seatmate was one of her Secret Service agents. He had an earpiece in so I started asking him all kinds of questions, after I told him that one of my neighbors growing up was a Secret Service agent who he knew well. I wish I had taken notes following our conversation because I can’t remember all the good stuff he told me.

As soon as the plane landed, the agents seated behind Tipper and the guy next to me exited the plane via the outside stairs, which is what the cleaning crew, baggage handlers and pilots use to do a plane inspection. There were cars waiting for them all.

I thought it was cool she flew commercial and in economy and the same goes for the Clintons. I’m actually quite surprised they weren’t flying private since they have plenty of money but maybe it’s an environmental thing or they’re just trying to be more like Jimmy Carter. Former President Jimmy Carter is known for flying commercial and he walks up and down the aisles shaking every passenger’s hands (embedded video below.) He’s truly an amazing man.


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