American Airlines New Boarding Process
American Airlines New Boarding Process

Remember that tweet I sent a couple months ago from the Fort Lauderdale Airport about American Airlines testing a new boarding process and it ended up making headlines across the world? I guess American Airlines found the tests helped the boarding process to go much quicker since they are now rolling out it on all flights departing the U.S. and Canada. their

Now, customers without overhead luggage can board before Group 2. I think it makes sense. Alaska, Southwest and Frontier have all been doing it  for a while and it seems to work. Two main reasons it makes sense? It speeds up  the boarding process and it incentivizes people to check their bags, which is a  source of revenue for the airline. What do you think?

American Airlines New Boarding Process
American Airlines New Boarding Process

4 Comments On "American Airlines New Boarding Process "
  1. FT|

    Yeah, that makes sense to me. I don’t see it being an issue with them boarding that way.

  2. naoma4naoma|

    I do not use the overhead luggage — keep my valuables — computer, etc. in a bag under the seat in front. Don’t like my possessions out of fmy sight.

  3. nancy reid|

    I always wondered why they board the front of plane first and the back last, seems backwards to me.

    1. Janice Lapinski|

      Me too – it just holds everything up while people stand in the aisle and put their bags in the overhead. If they boarded from the back people wouldn’t be standing waiting to get by and it would speed things up tremendously. I’ve never understood why the airlines haven’t figured this out for themselves.

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