A video of two American Airlines flight attendants is going viral and for good reason. It’s cute and funny and when we’ve all grown so accustomed to seeing appalling behavior on airplanes, this is astonishingly refreshing. RELATED: What Do Flight Attendants Notice When You Board a Plane? Here’s What They’re Looking For

American Airlines flight attendants say, "Love ya!" to deplaning passengers.In the video, two young flight attendants are stationed by door number one and after a flight, are having a good time as they say goodbye to each of the 100+ passengers deplaning. See embedded video below.


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The video was originally posted by one of the flight attendants, Hannah Tesone, but she must have taken it down since I can’t find it on her Instagram page. The two fun flight attendants can be seen saying, “Have a great day, bye, love ya.” Her colleague then says to another passenger, “We love you, thank you for flying.”

Hannah was laughing so hard she keeled over and bumped her head as she disappears out of frame. You can hear a thump and her colleague cover her mouth in shock as she says “Oh!”

I found the video on Passenger Shaming’s Instagram account and they credited Pubity. Not surprisingly, the comments are divided with many uptight users saying, “Unprofessional. That would tick me right off if I got that after a long flight ✈️.”  Really? They would have made my day.

Another commenter wrote: “That is very unprofessional…Keep doing that, and then wonder why you are known as trolley-dollies.”

Fortunately, many people have come to their defence. Below are just a some of the positive comments:

  • I would immediately say “love ya too!” without hesitating 😂
  • Love it! I would have said back “missing you already”! 😀 it’s good to have a laugh.
  • I work in a bar. And at close I say, “Bye! I miss you already!”😂

A couple of users share other thoughts like: “That bestie work wife energy hits different! 🔥❤🫶😂” and another flight attendant wrote: “Sometimes when I get delirious like this after a long day I accidentally tell passengers “goodnight, sweet dreams!” when they deplane 😭💀”

The aircraft looks like a narrow-body like a Boeing 737 or an Airbus A321, but if it’s a widebody, then there could be up to 244 passengers.

Imagine having to say hello and goodbye that many times, over and over again and having to do it with a smile on your face? It would be even more difficult day after day, especially if you have multiple flights. That’s why you often see junior flight attendants working the door during boarding and deplaning because it can quickly become a tedious job.

When I fly, one of my biggest disappointments is when I board the plane and the flight attendants aren’t even looking at you or when they do, they don’t say hello.

I almost always give chocolates to the flight attendants and pilots but when they don’t say hi, I keep them for the next flight. If it were these two working the door, I would go back and buy more.

Obviously, I feel the same as the person who commented, “I want to fly with them.”


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