American Airlines amenity kits
New retro-themed American Airlines amenity kits

American Airlines has introduced these fun, limited-edition throwback amenity kits for premium cabin flyers on international and transcontinental flights commemorating the early days of commercial aviation. This is part of the airline’s recently announced #goingforgreat plan to spend $2 billion improving its passenger experience.

The amenity kits pay tribute to the nine airlines that formed today’s American Airlines by using their colors and logos. TWA, AirCal, Reno Air, Allegheny, PSA, America West, US Airways, Piedmont, and even American itself are honored.

The contents of each kit are also revamped, with luxury toiletry products from the New York-based, eco-friendly beauty brand red flower now included. And the stylish felt case can even be reused as a mini-tablet computer case. The amenity kit has sure come a long way from the generic toothpaste and emery boards used back in the day.

In international business
International business class kits contain a pair of socks and an eye mask styled with the colors of a specific airline, a toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, covers for Bose noise-cancelling headsets provided with each seat, earplugs, a pen, tissues and hand lotion, lip balm, and wipes.

In transcontinental first class
Transcontinental first class kits contain socks, an eye mask with airline branding, a toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, and the trio of red flower products.

TWA-themed American Airlines amenity kit
TWA-themed American Airlines amenity kit

Travelers can snag a new American Airlines amenity kit through January 2016 when they fly international business class or transcontinental first class with the airline.

Regardless of whether you’re old enough to remember the airlines of the past, how can you not want to get your hands on one of these historic aviation mementos?

Photos: American Airlines

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