Nail polishI loathe the smell of nail polish. And one of my biggest pet peeves is when people use nail polish in a public environment. It amazes me when I see rude and clueless passengers putting nail polish on, on a plane. First of all, it’s highly flammable and therefore against airline policy to use.

But thanks to, I’ve discovered a good use for my wife’s nail polish. If you carry multiple keys around on a key chain and can’t figure out which one is for what, you can color-code them with just one little dab of nail polish. It’s a brilliant idea…but just don’t do it on the plane!



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2 Comments On "A Clever Use for Nail Polish"
  1. Sherry Nimtz|

    I have long used nail polish to label my keys.. I go a step further by painting a corresponding letter on the key that matches the door i.e. F = foyer, G = garage, D = dining room, SP = sunporch, B= basement….. you get the picture. It has worked out well for my 82 yr old mother as well.
    I love reading your newsletter and have found it useful with many travels. Thanks. Congratulations on becoming a parent!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thank you for the tip and the congratulations!

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