upgrade-seatA couple of years ago, I started noticing my butt getting sore after a couple hours of flying. I thought it was just a me thing, but then my friends started complaining, as well. What the heck was it? I know I didn’t lose weight so that couldn’t have been the problem. Turns out the culprit was the airline(s).

That’s when the airlines started installing the new slimline seats. They are called slimline because they have less padding and bulk, which allows the airlines to pack more seats in. The problem—besides having less legroom—is that the seat cushions are so light (airlines are trying to save on fuel costs) that they really hurt your rear end after a period of time. Sometimes in less than an hour.

So what’s the solution? I used to sit on my sweatshirt when it wasn’t too cold or a pillow if by chance the airline provided one but now there’s a new alternative: the Upgrade Seat.

The Upgrade Seat is a lightweight seat cushion that can be folded in half and easily brought along whenever one travels. It’s made of 100% natural latex rubber so it’s eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. The company says no synthetics were used. It’s also antimicrobial so dust-mite-resistant and mildew-proof. The outer cover is 100% cotton, making the whole thing washable. The Upgrade Seat comes in two sizes, one with 1.5″ padding or a 2″ model. The latter is made of leather so it looks more luxurious. Both are 16″ x 16″. Price ranges from $31 to $66—but of course you can use one over and over again.

Does your butt hurt when flying? Would you use this product? Have you? Let us know in the comments below.

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