I love airfare sales but I’m really not sure what Southwest Airlines is thinking promoting their ridiculously low $99 airfares to Hawaii the day after the Governor of the Aloha State said he hopes people won’t come to the islands right now since hospitals are nearing capacity. Here’s more about the Governor’s warnings and my 10 reasons to postpone your trip to Hawaii.

But, the good news is that Southwest’s fare sale is valid through December 15, 2021 so hopefully things will be better in a month or so.

If you’re interested, you need to book on Southwest.com by 8/26 11:59 p.m. Central Time. Points bookings do not include government fees from $5.60 per one-way flight.

2 Comments On "$99 Sale Fares to Hawaii on Southwest Airlines (But Should You Buy Them?)"
  1. RCade|

    Southwest is probably thinking that they are in business to make a profit, by providing a service that people choose to purchase. Unlike the governor of Hawaii that is killing the tourist industry and hoping us tax payers will continue to bail out his state.

  2. Kathryn Tracy|

    SWA’s promo was probably set up way in advance of any contradictory evolving/devolving government announcements. Lots of elements, planning, time, personnel effort and money go into a large-scale promo. Also would be a logistical nightmare to last-minute, spontaneously cancel the promo and then have to deal with already booked irate customers, refunds, rebookings, vouchers and return of frequent flyer points used for the trip. More rational vs. emotional/political thinking (which continues to increase in your postings since 2019, albeit more subtly and suggestively persuasive now) might be called for, although you did soften the tone with continuing to provide consumers/readers the promo info so they could decide on their own and consider what they are willing to endure to arrive and stay there.

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