This belt has a screwdriver head and more tools built into it

I’m not the handiest guy you’ll ever meet, but I love gadgets, and I can fix most things around the house (as long as they don’t involve electricity). These days, it feels as though I’m always looking for a screwdriver (not the drink, ha!). It’s a chore to go downstairs to the garage to get it from my toolbox. And even worse is when I’m traveling and I need a screwdriver or another tool to quickly repair or tighten something on the go.

When this happens, I sure don’t want to ask the hotel front desk if I can borrow a tool (I don’t think a hotel would loan one out, anyway). And if I can avoid it, I’d rather not go out to a local store and buy a cheap one. That’s where 686 toolbelts come into play. The Original Snow Toolbelt has screwdriver heads, a bottle opener and more tools built subtly into the prongs and frame of the belt. I’ve never heard or seen of anything like it in my life, and I love it. It’s unique and I don’t know anyone that has one.

It turns out that the company, 686, first debuted its “award-winning” toolbelt more than 25 years ago. It’s just recently revamped the old model and introduced two new versions. The team was kind enough to send me one to test out, and as I said, I love it. First of all, the belt doesn’t even look like it has tools on it, unless you look really close. And not many people are looking at my waist these days since I’m a married man with two kids. That said, this belt is a great conversation-starter, and it’s also a great way to impress someone. If they ask for help and you whip off your belt and say, “Here you go,” you’ll look like MacGyver.

And the best part of all? All the 686 toolbelts are TSA-compliant!

The 686 toolbelts available

Here are the 686 toolbelts currently for sale. Each has its own set of tools built in.

  • Premiere ($45): Its uniquely designed belt buckle detaches to allow access to three screwdrivers (Phillips, slotted and 4mm Allen), a safety box cutter, six wrenches, and a bottle opener.
  • Stretch ($29.95): Its ballistic nylon strap provides two-inches of stretch and a one-piece buckle integrates both a screwdriver and bottle opener into a minimal, smart closure solution.
  • Original II ($49.95): In between the two above is the revised version of the original Toolbelt, which comes in a range of colors, as well as different stretch fabric options for comfort and adding a bit of flair.


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  1. Marilyn Long|

    Can you get on a plane wearing one of these?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Yes. It’s TSA compliant

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