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Short bio: Drew Binsky is an American travel blogger and vlogger. Binsky documents his travels on his YouTube channel and other social media accounts. He has 1.3 Billion Video Views & 5.5 Million Total Followers

Twitter: @drewbinsky
YouTube: @thehungrypartier
Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Residence: Los Angeles & Manilla
How are you doing with quarantine? See video
When or what will it take to get you to fly again? I’m ready now.
How many countries have you been to? 191 out of my list of 197
How many continents have you been to? 7
Earliest travel memory: Going to the Bahamas
Favorite American city: Chicago
Favorite international city: Hong Kong, Seoul, Amsterdam, Prague…
Friendliest people in the world: Southeast Asia and Central Asia and the Middle East
I have no desire to go to: No where
Favorite U.S. airport: Phoenix
Favorite international airport: Singapore Changi
Favorite airport lounge: Hong Kong
Favorite aircraft type: A380
Sat next to any famous celebs: Nope
Drink of choice (in the air and on the ground): Tomato juice
Favorite restaurant: It’s in Seoul! See video to find out the name.
Have you ever gotten food poisoning?: Many times. Worst was in Pakistan, Yemen or India
Craziest thing you’ve eaten:
I’ve eaten almost everything including Dog Soup in Korea
Favorite hotel: I rarely stay in hotels as I mostly stay in AirBnB’s but once stayed at the Four Seasons in Bali
Best AirBnb Tip: See video
Favorite travel credit card: Chase Sapphire Reserve
Favorite island: Yasawa Islands in Fiji
Favorite beach: Vanuatu
Best place for adventure travel: New Zealand
Most adventurous activity: Sky Diving / Bungee Jumping
Best sightseeing excursion/tour: See video
Favorite travel movie: Into the Wild
Favorite travel show: Anthony Bourdain
Favorite travel book: Into the Wild
Favorite travel bloggers/newsletters: Lee Abbamonte and Nomadic Matt
Worst travel moment: Bus crash in India (see video)
What’s the most important thing travel has taught you: See video
Best travel tip: Get a local to show you around.

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