San Francisco’s Cavallo Point is one of Johnny’s favorite hotels in the world (see: 10 Reasons to Stay at Cavallo Point). This month, it will play host to a special, Lexus-sponsored dining series that all in the area should give a look: the 2018 Lexus Culinary Classic. Here’s the deal:

What and when:
The 2018 Lexus Culinary Classic is the fourth annual edition of a three-day culinary celebration taking place the weekend of April 13-15, 2018. It includes dinners, farmers market tours (with chefs), cooking classes, and—as the main event—a dinner under the stars at George Lucas’s Skywalker Wineyards. Here are the seven separate events, which you can read about and buy tickets to here:

  1. Art of Japan: A Culinary Journey: Opening Night Reception & Dinner
    Friday, April 13th

    Verbena, Cavallo Point Lodge
  2. Bikes & Brunch: A Cycling Class with Christian Vande Velde
    Saturday, April 14th
    Tidewater, Cavallo Point Lodge
  3. Farmer’s Market Excursion
    Saturday, April 14th
    The Cooking School at Cavallo Point Lodge
  4. Spring’s Bountiful Harvest: Cooking Class & Lunch
    Saturday, April 14th
    The Cooking School at Cavallo Point Lodge
  5. Barrel-Aged Beauties: A Culinary Toast to Bourbon! Cooking Class & Dinner
    Saturday, April 14th
    The Cooking School at Cavallo Point Lodge
  6. A Night Under the Stars: Finale Dinner: Starring George Lucas’ Skywalker Vineyards
    Saturday, April 14th
    Skywalker Vineyards, Lucas Valley, Marin
  7. Lexus Grand Tasting
    Sunday, April 15th
    Callippe, Cavallo Point Lodge

How to be a part:
Here’s the website for the 2018 Lexus Culinary Classic, where you can read more and buy tickets. You can purchase entry to individual events as well as packages granting access to four events for 10% off, plus—so long as they remain available—packages that include stays at Cavallo Point.

If you make it, let us know about your experience in the comments!


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