When I tell people that I travel the world for a living, the question I’m most frequently asked is: What’s your favorite country? Everyone expects me to say something exotic like the Cook Islands but my answer is always the United States of America. It’s the country I’m proud to call home. And you really don’t have to travel all that far to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It’s right here in our own backyard in the United States. And if you’re looking for inspiration to get you out to see this spectacular country, then take a look at these 20 amazing shots from Instagram!

20 of the most beautiful places in America

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Let the weekend begin!

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You're irreplaceable. #NYC Tag someone you love ?

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Last year I spent some time doing tours for @walksofnewyork whenever I wasn't out of the country traveling. So when they asked today if I wanted to join some of the other current and former guides on the newest tour they're developing, I thought it would be fun! It was a hell of a cold day to be anywhere but home, yet the tour of The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island was actually very interesting. I learned some new things. For instance, I already knew that the statue was built out of copper, and once looked like our pennies. It took almost 30 years to patina and turn into the blue green color we see today, which is a result of a chemical process that happens to all copper exposed to the elements for long enough. But I didn't know that it was originally built three times in three different sizes, and it's the largest size that we see today, while the smallest size is the one you can see in Paris, by the River Seine. Also, I knew that Gustave Eiffel, of Eiffel Tower fame, is the one who designed the interior structural part of the statue but I didn't know that they also considered a plan which would have just filled it in with sand. And did you know that the statue was a joint effort between France and America? Designed by Frenchman Auguste Bartholdi and paid for by French citizens, Americans paid for the support pedestal and building that she stands on. Also, the full name of the monument is actually "Liberty Enlightening the World," but "she" is now more popularly known as Lady Liberty or The Statue of Liberty. Only 300 people a day are allowed up into the torch, which is the highest level, via very narrow stairs, and some day I think I want to go back and do that now. What a view that would be!

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Sunset picnic by the rock. The best times.

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Good news, people! Your entries in my Carry-On Essentials #GIVEAWAY so impressed me last week, that I'd like to give away ANOTHER prize–this time to TWO lucky winners! I got a huge kick out of reading your Carry-On stories detailing troubles in transit, documenting everything from smelly fellow passengers, to lost luggage, to sleep deprivation on long-haul flights. I also loved your suggestions for Carry-On Must Haves, including backup battery packs for cell phones and e-readers, wet wipes for freshening up on the go, snacks to avoid getting "hangry" on long trips, eye masks, headphones, scarves that double as pillows, and extra underwear for those instances where luggage doesn't make it to the destination with you. As a thank you for the fun and creative entries, I'd like to give away TWO waterproof @CatalystCase_ iPhone cases!! These puppies rule when it comes to light-weight protection in rainy weather, and they offer an awesome layer of security if you're snapping photos along the water on your vacation. So…. drumroll please…. our Catalyst Case winners are @jludancer and @traveltype! I loved the Carry-On Essentials you shared in the comments section of my giveaway, and have added "spare underwear" and "peanut-butter-filled pretzels" to my own list of Carry-On Must Haves. ;) Thanks again to all of you for sharing in the adventure with me, and stay tuned for more opportunities to get engaged in the world of travel!

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sit back, relax, and enjoy the show ?✌?️

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After traveling the world and the U.S. I’ve realized that perhaps one of the main reasons so many Americans don’t have a passport is because when it comes to natural beauty, America has everything any traveler could possibly ever want. They don’t call it America the Beautiful for no reason! Please share your favorite place or Instagram handle in the comments section!

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2 Comments On "20 of the Most Beautiful Places in America"
  1. Charles McCool|

    Great places and lovely photos, y’all.

  2. Domonique|

    I couldn’t agree more! While we love to travel abroad, the US has so much beauty and history to offer domestic travelers. I tell my kids all the time how so much of the world dreams of coming to see the US and how fortunate we are to live and travel here.

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