I admit it, I’m new to Instagram. It’s not because I wasn’t a believer … it’s just that I was carrying around a prehistoric Blackberry, since I was grandfathered into T-Mobile’s international plan. When T-Mobile announced free international data I upgraded to a Nokia Lumia 1020, which has a kickass camera (41 megapixels!) I’ve only lately started posting to Instagram. It’s not only fun to share my travels but I can quickly see what my friends are up to and get inspired by travelers I may only know through social media.

Here are the 14 best travel Instagrammers you should follow in 2014. Some I know, some I don’t. Oh and if you want to follow me, my handle is JohnnyJet – I travel to around 20 countries a year and my wife, NatalieDiScala, comes with me to many of them.

Katja Presnal is a Finnish girl who met a Texan in Germany and they travel so much, their three kids were born in three different countries. Last year they moved from New York to Sweden so you will often see picturesque photos of Sweden on Katja’s Instagram feed.

JD Andrews, like most of us in this industry, find travel to be our passion. JD lives in south Florida but travels often and he’s been to 90 countries and all seven continents. Along the way, he creates inspiring videos and photographs and shares them on Instagram. Travel Style: JD Andrews

Gary AEverythingEverywhere
Gary Arndt has been traveling non-stop since 2007. He’s visited over 140 countries and territories, and all seven continents. He was just voted travel photographer of the year by the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW). Travel Style: Gary Arndt

Dave and DebThePlanetD
Dave & Deb are a dynamic travel couple based out of Toronto but are rarely home. They run the adventure travel blog ThePlanetD.Com and inspire other couples to quit the rat race and see the world. They’ve been to over 80 countries and all seven continents. Travel Style: Dave & Deb

KirstenKirsten Alana
Kirsten is a travel photographer by trade and can often be found teaching seminars on mobile travel photography. She’s based in New York City and is currently in charge of curating the guide to NYC for AFAR’s active online travel community and is a blogger for ExpediaUK. Travel Style: Kirsten Alana

Lady in LondonA Lady in London
Julie is an expat Californian living in London. She frequently travels the world and so far, she’s been to 95 countries. Travel Style: Julie Falconer

I’m pretty sure Ben Schlappig is not only the youngest person (23) on this list but he also flies the most … over 300,000 miles a year. Ben is constantly on the go as he doesn’t like staying anywhere for more than three days. If you like to see photos of first class on a large variety of airlines, then follow Ben. Travel Style: Ben Schlappig

Just like Ben, Brian Kelly is also a young, frequent traveler and the master of accumulating a lot of points and miles. He not only runs the successful website ThePointsGuy.com, but he’s also constantly taking snapshots of the world as he goes. Travel Style: Brian Kelly

Jen PLax2nrt
Jen Pollack Bianco is a travel photographer-slash-blogger. She lives in L.A. but is always on the go and can be found everywhere, from a five star hotel to a dive bar. Oh and her Instagram handle is LAX2NRT because Los Angeles to Tokyo is her favorite route. Travel Style: Jen Pollack Bianco

Jodi Ettenberg quit her job as a successful lawyer to travel the world. She’s been eating her way around the world, one country at a time for the last five years. Travel Style: Jodi Ettenberg 

James ClarkNomadicNotes
James Clark is originally from Melbourne, Australian but since 2003 he’s been on the road as a digital nomad. Follow him on Instagram and you’ll see that he loves good coffee, travel and the Internet. Travel Style: James Clark

Ken KKen Kaminesky
Ken is a travel photographer and what I like about his account is that all of his Instagram photos are shot and edited on an iPhone.

Zach Glassman is a travel documentarian and polyglot based out of NYC. He’s also the founder of @passionpassport. If you want to get inspired, then be one of his 100,000 followers.

Kost N CheeseLostncheeseland
Lindsey Tramuta is a freelance writer based out of Paris. She spends a good amount of time traveling and is always taking incredible photos of delicious looking food.

So there’s my list of the 14 best travel Instagrammers to follow in 2014. As I sat down to pull this piece together, I realized I could have listed 99 (there’s so much great talent out there!) but that’s going to have to wait 85 years. In the meantime, I created this resource of the other travel Instagrammers you may want to follow. And if I have missed any, please leave a comment below so we can potentially add it.

Happy New Year!

36 Comments On "14 Best Travel Instagrammers to Follow in 2014"
  1. Dave & Deb Travel (@theplanetd)|

    Thanks for including us in this excellent list Johnny! We’re a fan of many and you’ve introduced us to a few new ones as well. Love Instagram.

  2. A Lady in London|

    Thanks for including me in the list!

  3. Jen Pollack Bianco (@lax2nrt)|

    Honored to be included on this fantastic list. Thanks to introducing me to some new IGers to check out. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and Nat.

  4. Monica Brosman|

    Awesome list!

  5. Hans Jonas Hansen|

    Thanks for the list. My girlfriend and I are already following a lot of them.

    If you want we will be glad if you add us to your resource list. Our Instagram is http://instagram.com/nomadicdanes . It’s my girlfriend who takes the photo and post the pictures. The pictures are taken with her Nikon camera. This advice is actually from Lauren Bath who we really like. But you already have her on your resource list :D.

  6. brooke|

    Great list with some new grammers for me to follow! my instagram is http://www.instagram.com/worldwanderlust – hope you take a look and consider WOW for the next list of grammers to watch!



  7. W Brian Duncan (@IPBrian)|

    One of my goals for next year is to start getting on some of these lists!


  8. Kirsten|

    Thank you so much for mentioning me, Johnny! I’m honored to be listed amongst so many friends and people I admire and follow on Instagram.

  9. Ken Kaminesky (@KenKaminesky)|

    Thanks for including me Johnny. Happy New Year to you :)

  10. Lauren|

    I’m looking forward to browsing through many of these accounts. It’s very inspiring since it will give me motivation to get out of my comfort zone and travel!

  11. Thomas Crook|

    I’d like to nominate Michael Noel (http://instagram.com/sharingtheglobe) as another travel Instagrammer worth following. Michael is not as well known as many of the folks included here but he has been to over 130 countries and posts some gorgeous travel photos.

    1. Hans Jonas Hansen|

      Wow. That is pretty amazing. I will check him out.

  12. Anonymous|

    One to watch is tourleaderluke everything from food, airlines to travel. I love to see where he is and what he’s up to. Always great pics!

  13. Travel with Instagram|

    One I love to follow is tourleaderluke http://instagram.com/tourleaderluke# he travels everywhere and records the flights, hotels and sights Great way to cheer up my day and his following is growing. Definitely one to watch!

  14. annie in new york|

    never mind the photos etc…what about restaurants, hotels, bargains…who does that ?

  15. Hampton|

    What happened to the addition of Lee Abbamonte? He certainly goes to the most interesting out of the way places and is a true adventurer/explorer and he tweets.

  16. AIRC Roman Culture (@AIRomanCulture)|

    Great list- please include Darius Arya http://www.instagram.com/SaveRome who focuses on the Roman Empire and Erica Firpo http://www.instagram.com/Moscerina, travel writer

  17. Sue Reddel|

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful list Johnny! We’re just getting started on Instagram and aspire to make your best-of list one day.

  18. Latitude 34 Travel (@Lat34Travel)|

    We’d love to be considered for future lists! We try to keep our instagram full of inspirational travel messages. You can find us at http://instagram.com/latitude34

  19. Mariellen Ward (@Breathedreamgo)|

    Thanks for this, I’m just getting into Instagram too, and it’s good to know who to follow and learn from, cheers.

  20. Anna|

    Awesome list! I’m going to follow all of the people I don’t already follow! Please check out my Instagram as well: http://instagram.com/crazyintherain

  21. Kerri|

    Great list! Please follow us and our new travel project launching 2014 @allaboardtv

  22. AlexBerger|

    Great list, and though I follow many in other areas, I actually wasn’t following a number of them on Instagram, so thanks for the heads up!

  23. JD Andrews|

    Thank you so much for including me in this amazing group of people! I’m honored. Cheers to all the adventures in 2014 :)

  24. TurtlesTravel|

    You’ve brought it to our attention how far behind our Instagram account is following some of those we love on other forms of social media. Thanks for another great list to start the year!

  25. mightytravels|

    That’s a cool list.I love that you highlight accounts with just a few followers so far – that’s gonna grow though!

  26. alex|

    my fave is San Francisco account, http://instagram.com/sanfrancisco

  27. Anonymous|

    You should include me next year @adventuresofjustin

  28. Anonymous|

    Hi. Check this account out : @Dubaisotires

  29. cherisejoelle|

    Wonderful! I have successfully added them all to my insta-list and can’t wait to see the next round, mine is http://instagram.com/cherisejoelle and I blog about travel and lifestyle reviews/gluten free eating through Italy.


  30. afonso|

    Check out this amazinf TRAVEL gallery from a Portuguese Globetrotter: http://instagram.com/ruipvmcorreia/

  31. WeAreThePassengers|

    Great selection of igers! We also post some of our travel pics there, hope you guys like! :) http://www.instagram.com/wearethepassengers

  32. lydingiro|

    Hey, I’m a flight attendant, hopefully one day you will consider my varied photo collection for your list -Insta: Lydingiro

  33. Rose|

    here’s a cool one (based in Mtl, and travels Europe/North America a lot): @laflaneusemtl

  34. David|

    Awesome list! I’m going to follow all of the people I don’t already follow! Please check out my Instagram as well:

  35. Salt in our Hair|

    Awesome list Johnny! We hope to get in the list of 2016. :D

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