I seriously don’t know what some travelers are thinking … or perhaps not thinking these days. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the multiple examples below of the weapons the TSA has fortunately detected in either checked luggage or carry-on in just the past few days alone. RELATED: The Trick to Getting TSA PreCheck Fast and 4 Other Tips You Need to Know

It’s no surprise that America’s lax gun laws are creating havoc around the country and the problem is now reaching record levels at airports. According to NPR last week: “With two weeks left in the year, the Transportation Security Administration already broke a yearly record for most firearms intercepted at security checkpoints.”

The numbers are staggering: “TSA officers stopped 6,301 firearms — most of which were loaded — and expect to find some 300 more before the year is over, according to a press release on Friday. This number already beats the all-time record, set just the previous year, of 5,972 detected firearms.”

I’ve heard many Americans express that TSA checkpoints are tantamount to security theatre and at times, I have thought the same. But I can’t imagine what commercial flights would be like if not for them. In fact, I don’t want to know. It’s obvious that the penalties are not severe enough since it keeps happening, including repeat offenders. Remember Representative Madison Cawthorn in April? Per USA Today: “This is the second time a gun has been discovered on Cawthorn at an airport. The TSA found an unloaded Glock 9mm handgun in Cawthorn’s carry-on bag at Asheville Regional Airport in February 2021.

It appears travelers are trying to get more creative when they pack their guns. Lisa Farbstein, TSA Spokesperson, tweeted yesterday that “@TSA officers at @JFKairport pulled disassembled gun parts that were concealed inside plastic wrap and stashed inside two peanut butter jars from a Rhode Island man’s checked bag yesterday. He was arrested by @PANYNJ Police. He’s also guaranteed to get a lump of coal from Santa.”

Does one need a gun that badly that they need to smuggle it in a peanut butter jar? Why ruin the perfectly good jar of a tasty snack?

Just this morning, Lisa shared another incident of a Maryland man who was “cited by police after @TSA officers detected these 2 axes concealed under the lining of his carry-on bag at @Reagan_Airport yesterday. He said he was going to an axe throwing tournament. Each ax has its name on its handle–“DEATH” and “TWIN.” Dude, seriously?

Three days ago, the TSA spokesman for New England shared that a traveler tried to pass through security checkpoint with a 3D gun. “During security screening yesterday @portlandjetport , @TSA officers detected this 3D-printed realistic replica of a gun in passenger’s carry-on bag. The passenger voluntarily abandoned the item in order to continue.”

And if you want to read some real sad entertainment, then check out the TSA’s official Instagram account, where they share stories pretty much daily. Here’s one from December 15th. “This isn’t a game… Our officers at Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport powered down this passenger’s poor packing choice. It’s never an idea rated E for everyone to pack firearm parts or guns in a carry-on bag. We’re not about to console anybody’s feelings on this topic either. Without going into graphic detail, gun parts, firearms, and ammunition must be placed in checked bags. You’ll control your travel destiny by declaring these items with your airline and ensuring they are packaged properly.”


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It would be fascinating to work at a TSA checkpoint for a day or two but I couldn’t imagine dealing with these nimrods who ‘mistakenly’ pack their guns. I say, lock them up and throw away the key.” How about you?


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4 Comments On "You Won't Believe What These Travelers Tried to Slip Through TSA Security Checkpoints"
  1. charles|

    this article is obviously biased against firearms. Citing the state laws as laxed, rather than complying with the second amendment.

  2. Brandon|

    You’re not an adult, are you? Stop whining about guns. Seriously.

  3. andy|

    Is it OK Charles to keep guns out of carryon luggage ? I mean whats the worst that can 9/11 happen…right ?

  4. jeff|

    A friend of mine used to buy confiscated things from our airport security dept, by the pound. While what he got had tons of fingernail clippers it also had tons of pocket knives of various types… but what astonished me was how many largish sheath knives would be in the batches. I mean like 8 or 10 inch blade knives, buck knives etc. He’d make up sets and sell the stuff on ebay. Amazing that people thought those kinds of very large, dangerous looking knives would ever be allowed on airplanes post-911. Some were pretty expensive, nice knives too so people were risking losing a valuable knife.

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