First of all, I have a love/hate relationship with all the airlines including Southwest (SWA) and American (AA) so I’m not picking on them. I will also probably still book flights on AA since I have top tier elite status with them so getting free upgrades and free checked bags is worth the risk. But for those who don’t have elite status and aren’t flexible with travel plans, then you probably shouldn’t book Southwest or American Airlines this holiday season.

Here’s why. According to Politico, “Unions representing pilots at Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, both based in Texas, are asking for exemptions to President Joe Biden’s pending vaccine mandate, with one of those unions warning that holiday travel could be disrupted if they have to comply.”

American’s pilot union, (APA) said, “some of its members were concerned about compliance because of documented medical reasons as well as ‘the potential for career-ending side effects’ from the vaccine, citing stringent FAA medical tests pilots must pass in order to maintain their commercial pilots license.”

Well, it looks like Southwest pilots are already starting to play games because this weekend, Southwest has cancelled almost 2,000 flights, per (808 on Saturday and 1007 so far today).

Southwest tweeted out a statement: “ATC issues and disruptive weather have resulted in a high volume of cancellations throughout the weekend while we work to recover our operation. We appreciate your patience as we accommodate affected Customers, and Customer Service wait times are longer than usual. If your travel was affected, please explore self-service rebooking options by checking your flight status on”

And according to a press release on Southwest’s pilot union’s website: “SWAPA is aware of operational difficulties affecting Southwest Airlines today due to a number of issues, but we can say with confidence that our Pilots are not participating in any official or unofficial job actions. Our Pilots will continue to overcome SWA management’s poor planning, as well as any external operational challenges, and remain the most productive Pilots in the world. They will continue to be focused on their highest priority — safety. SWAPA Pilots are true professionals and will always maintain the highest level of responsibility to their crews, their passengers, and our airline.”

However, according to Pete Muntean, a correspondent for CNN covering aviation and transportation as well as a pilot and flight instructor: “FAA insists there are NOT air traffic control issues causing Southwest cancellations. “Due to aircraft and crews being out of place, some airlines continue to experience scheduling challenges. No FAA air traffic staffing shortages have been reported since Friday.”

So, who do you believe? It’s the second straight day of major issues with Southwest and is it a coincidence they’re doing it over a long holiday weekend? It could be. But I think it’s also possible that their pilots are telling executives that this is a precursor to Thanksgiving and Christmas unless they back down.

Why did Southwest cancel so many flights?

Scott’s Cheap Flights has an excellent post about why SWA canceled so many flights. “Southwest has given a number of reasons for the meltdown, ranging from weather and air traffic control issues, but the main culprit seems to be lingering staffing shortages caused by the ongoing pandemic. Additionally, the nature of Southwest’s point-to-point network makes getting back on track difficult. A few delayed or canceled flights can have a great effect on subsequently scheduled flights.”

David M. Rowell who has an excellent newsletter writes, “What was it? The people saying it was nothing to do with a vaccine dispute said “The pilot union said it is nothing to do with a vaccine dispute” but the thing is, the union, by law, is not allowed to organize such unofficial strikes, and so would disclaim responsibility, no matter what the truth was. One thing was clear. The pilots were reporting in sick or “fatigued” – a vague term that can refer to mental fatigue as well as physical fatigue, but the bigger problem seemed to be the airline’s inability to adjust and optimize the crew it had and where they and planes were.”

I have heard from pilot friends that it was no doubt a combination of everything including the pilots calling in sick.

If you’re flying Southwest tomorrow or the next day, there’s no doubt there will be plenty more delays and cancelations  as well since it will take SWA days, if not weeks, to recover their operations. Here’s my advice for when your flight is delayed or canceled.

This really sucks if you’re a customer because with flights being so full, it’s difficult to get put on another one. This is why I’ve been advising for months not to be late to the airport because if you miss your flight, there aren’t a lot of options for airlines to get you out on.

If you look at Southwest’s Twitter handle, it’s just full of replies to really pissed off customers. You don’t want to be one of them.

Fortunately, American’s pilots haven’t started using hardball tactics but I don’t think they really need to; all they have to do is say, “look at what happened over at Southwest Airlines this weekend.”

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  1. Bill L|

    First, a friendly scolding. Please stop repeating unfounded and untrue statements even if they are part of a bigger APA response. It is simply false there is “the potential for career-ending side effects from the vaccine” regardless of how stringent their testing is. This insidious spread of misinformation, especially from an organization with credibility, is what undermines vax efforts. However, we as consumers still have some voice in this ridiculous continued hesitancy…fly the airlines not backing down. It’s why I’m taking United ORD to IAD so visit my brother and his family, all of whom I have t seen in two years. United set a vax by date, gave their employees the means and opportunity to get one, and then fired those that did not comply. Period…done!

    1. Audrea|

      Hello I am an Airline pilot. The vaccine has been paused in many European nations due to heart inflammation. They paused it for anyone under 30! Many airline pilots are 30 and under and if you develop heart issues because of a vaccine that WILL be career ending. You can not be an airline pilot with heart issues. FAA won’t allow it. I support the vaccine, but it might not be right for everyone. That should not cost someone their job.

      1. Matt LaFramboise|

        No it hasn’t been stopped for under 30. Stop spreading lies to justify stupid behavior and BS conspiracy

      2. Regina toppi|

        Please stop spreading misinformation. The vaccine caused children under 18yrs old to ramp up the immune system and the side effect was myocardial, an inflammation of the heart. The side effect is not life threatening. The treatment is ibuprofen. The misinformation that is spread is toxic. Leave medicine to us please and stop spreading misinformation.

      3. Regina toppi|

        It was never paused for adults.

      4. Jim|

        You’re not an airline pilot. You’re spreading disinformation, and need to get lost.

      5. Victoria|

        What airline do you fly for, cuz the FAA most certainly does allow pilots to fly with heart issues—even after heart attacks, stints or bypass surgeries! Look it up! I hope you fly a plane better than you do your research. Yes, pilots who have had coronary issues have to pass health screenings before flying again, but a temporary myocarditis would never be career-ending.

    2. Frank winford|

      Clearly you will DO ANYTHING the government tells you to do, because they own your mind. You choose to disbelieve the REAL truth about these despicable vaccines, Fauci, and the like. NO one has the right to mandate you get vaccinated; Not the Government/not Biden/ NO ONE! The reassurance of these covid spikes is due to those who have gotten the covid vaccine, the 2nd jab, etc. They are the one’s who are be sick again. Those who have chosen to not get vaxxed, have natural immunity, and are not the cause of the spread. The government and it’s propaganda machine has you wrapped around it’s finger. In 2 to 5 years, the results of the vaccine altering your God given DNA, will be catastrophic!

      1. Matt LaFramboise|

        Frank. You are full of S

      2. Regina toppi|

        The uneducated should not be allowed to comment.

        1. Angeles|

          So the doctors and nurses being fired for not taking the jab are uneducated? Got it. Hahaha

      3. Dennis|

        Frank, I realize you could possibly just be a really really stupid stump or not so stupid, but maybe just a complete asshole who knows the truth..
        Which is it frank??

      4. Mark Weaver|

        Frank, you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting lies and misinformation during this critical time. Antisocial behavior is not what we need now.

      5. Jim|

        Johnny, why do you let these scumbags on your site

      6. Daneen S|


        1. Paco|

          Double Amen

    3. DtLis|

      You should just stop with your comments about things YOU aparently know nothing about. You, with your “everyone should get the jab attitude” misinformed man. A PILOT commented below you. His concerns are REAL and NOT misinformation but FACT. Mr Bill, i am for vaxs, but not this one until i see the results of all you who have ran into the arms of the naratives set by media and got one because they got you believing this to be a true pandemic. Smh. Just look at the countries that have almost 100% vaccinated and yet this year they have the highest c-vid positive cases for their country since this all started. Stop pushing your own oppinions and possible fears onto those who dont agree with you and your circle of friends. The day will come when this nation is no longer about the American dream, about “freedom”, about individual choice, good will be seen as evil and evil as good. When you realize it, it will be too late. But you can pat yourself on the back for it all, even now, because you willingly and eyes wide opened helped the nation to become that way.

    4. Des|

      Agreed ?

  2. Diana Brookes|

    97% of United employees got vaccinated so Delta, American and Southwest can do it too. Be part of the solution and help us get out of this pandemic. Shame on you for not participating in a life saving vaccine to help all of us return to our former lives safely. I too am an elite member at American but will look at other airlines to fly who are complying with the mandate!!

    1. You’re Dumber than a bag of hammers!|

      How about you stick to the things you’re an expert at, like scooping the litter box! That way those who are not bat shi# crazy cat ladies can have an actual adult conversation, Let’s go Brandon!

    2. Anonymous|

      Well Delta,AA & SWA don’t want to be sheeps, after all it is a free country…or is it?

    3. Frank winford|

      If you got vaxxed, your immunity will continue to drop, until you become sooo sick, it will be dangerous. Those who have done research know what’s REALLY in those lethal covid jabs. Why do you think soo many pilots refuse to vaccinate. Because any of the numerous side effects can kill you, and alter your DNA. Forcing someone to get jabbed is an invasion of Hippaa laws, Coercion and illegal under articles of the constitution. I hope thousands of SWA, American and other pilots, tell them NO, we are NEVER going to get any shots. Then what’s Biden going to do, with all the pressure put on him,by numerous businesses who rely on the airline industry, who the pilots can cripple by simply refusing. I hope the pilots,government workers, etc. Simple REFUSE and walk out. Shut the country down for a month, then see who has the clout!

      1. Matt LaFramboise|

        They refuse to get vaccinated because they’re very rich older white men who are dealing with their toxic masculinity. Through the ideal Trump loving person who can’t deal with America not looking like the mirror. The only sheep here are the unvaccinated spreading the virus and killing people. And what happened to the sheep well, I hope they get led to the slaughter quicker so they don’t endanger everybody else. Dropping lie if you need to

        1. DENNIS|

          100% on point Matt.

        2. Angeles|

          CDC said vaccinated people can and are still spreading the virus Matt! Inform yourself!

      2. Ariana|

        Why millions of people still smoke if they know exactly what is going to happen????

      3. Mad RN|

        Oh for heaven sake people! First I am an RN. None of you have any idea what you’re talking about. HIPPA is to protect health information and had nothing to do with your violations over a COVID vaccine. Secondly, mRNA vaccines have been studied for well over 15 years prior to this pandemic, it’s completely safe. I’ve had 3 and still alive, protected and we’ll. Thirdly, the ignorance of people astounds me. Have you people list your minds? Why don’t we just quit taking all vaccines for all eradicated illnesses such as polio, measles, mumps, etc. You took those as a child. And lastly, NONE of this alters your DNA!! How stupid. You talk but have no idea of the truth. The mRNA that delivers the vaccine to help you form antibodies dissepates and is gone from your body just three short days after vaccine. Again, talking without adequate or correct knowledge. It astounds me. My suggestion is to get educated, then speak and in the meantime stop endangering others with your selfish bias and get the vaccine.

        1. Angeles|

          You as an RN knows that vaccinated people can still get covid and spread it. CDC stated that. Dont you read?

    4. Nicole|

      No. It’s not proven effective at stopping transmission nor preventing covid. Not enough longer term studies have been done.

    5. Dan Fitz|

      You “think” United is 97% vaccinated. It’s all a publicity stunt. All we had to do was submit a photo of an alleged vaccine card. Employees can play the game too if companies are going to shove this down our throat. Thousands with natural immunity. Young employees who want to have kids someday. We don’t have someone who has taken this vax and 30 years from now can tell us today “hey I’d doesn’t cause any birth defects and I don’t have a 3rd arm”. For the majority of the healthy workforce, the vax is not worth the risk when we already recovered from COVID just fine. If you are concerned, go get it! If you are over 70, go get it! If you have some conditions, go get it! My wife and I will pass.

      1. Mike Hinshaw|

        Actually Dan at 71 and getting the virus in Mexico I was able to buy Hydroxychloroquine and Invermectin, along with Prednisone over the counter. I was sick 5-7 days and now recovered. These drugs cost me about $75 US dollars. Vaccines cost about $3500 and Big Pharma is reaping the profits. Before anyone says anything about Ivermectin read about its success in Uttar Pradesh India. Of the 5-7 days only 2 were with serious fever, etc. I have also been taking heavy daily doses of vitamins C&D along with Zinc to combat the virus. I now have antibodies that according to Pfizer scientists are stronger than the vaccine. Sorry I will pass on an experimental concoction of chemicals!

      2. null|

        So Dan you just ratted out fake vaccine cards that both you amd your wife submitted ?

    6. Leah|

      Boy! You are really misinformed, as in…you only regurgitate what you have heard. When are you going to start thinking for yourself, you and the rest of mislead followers. Why would you take something that clearly does not work and even if it did, it has side effects, anyway it’s your body and so is everyone else that does not want to take some toxic substance, i mist say, misery loves company smh.

    7. null|


  3. Alex|

    Let’s discuss how they pretentiously capitalize “pilots”

    1. Audrea|

      97% at United because they fired those who would not comply.

    2. DENNIS|

      I worked with comm airline FAR121 pilots directly on a daily basis for 31 years.
      Believe me, there is no bigger or more complete collection of overhyped pompous assholes than comm pilots on this planet. Not even in politics will you find more dickheads than you will in ANY 121 airline.

  4. Sue|

    It was Not the pilots that caused the cancellation in southwest. Get your facts straight!!

    1. Anonymous|

      We all know the truth??

  5. yckawtsrif|

    Southwest and American have long been my two least favorite US carriers. Glad to see more and more people taking them to serious task.

    1. Marlin Yoder|

      Really, southwest is my favorite by far.

  6. Andrea Gladson|

    American has a very small grip of people bragging that they aren’t going to take the jab …. The majority of us already have because we care about ourselves ; our community; our fellow team members.

    1. Richard wattenburger|

      Bull shit

  7. Chris|

    The thing about American, they will tell everyone to their faces “give maintenance just 5 more minutes” and there won’t even be a plane parked at the gate. This repeated 21 times on a flight in Chicago, my flight ended up being delayed 26 hours in total. Not one apology, not one reimbursement. They were short on staff and did not want that known.

  8. Bret|

    Even before the mandates, I had two back to back TERRIBLE experiences with American Airlines this summer. I specifically chose United to fly to my November destination over the others. They seem to be the least worst right now.

  9. Dlhathome|

    I stand behind them, ?%. At this point and time shot’s should be optional depending on the individual. They should stand their ground and shut the airline’s down if need be. Good luck to them.

    1. Anonymous|

      May you and everyone you know end up with COVID.

      1. Anonymous|

        Anonymous, you do know karma is real. What a cowardly & childish thing to say.

      2. Yuyu|

        Agree !

      3. Angeles|

        I got covid and so did my family. No one died. All unvaccinated thank you very much. So come again? Hahaha

    2. Marlin Yoder|

      The 1st person who responded to this is such a kind and caring person, could you tell?

    3. Matt LaFramboise|

      Do us all a favor and walk into the light

  10. Bob H|

    This is a silly reason to book or not to book.

  11. Caroline Straub|

    Unvaccinated pilots risk coming down with COVID, and then they would be too sick to fly the friendly skies.

  12. Letsgobrandon|

    Now, Will absolutely only book AA and SWA! Good for them! Hold the line!

  13. KP|

    Airlines need to follow Delta Airlines who takes care of their employees .
    Raise the insurance for the non vaccinated employees for now , employees still have their jobs ,flights are full win win for both for now , until the government can come to some kind of final solution with this vaccine .ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

    1. Jakob|

      Final Solution ?

  14. Norman Stanley|

    Oh goodness, the pilots and flight attendants, along with ground agents, may decide on not getting a vaccine. They continue to be tested for Covid, but that’s not satisfactory to al-mighty CDC. So don’t force people to get a Vaccine, that is not a vaccine. Vaccine means ( to remove the threat of a known disease). Like so many disease’s of the last 100 years. From Chicken Pox to Polio. Those keep you from a disease. How can a Vaccine be a Vaccine if you can still get the disease. In closing. I refuse to fly as as long as we need a mask or Vaccine to fly. Not worth it.

    1. Jehovah|

      You R NUTS!

    2. Jay|

      Not at all the definition of a vaccine. Vaccines are meant to induce your body to create antibodies so when it does encounter the pathogen it can more quickly fight it off. That doesn’t mean you won’t have symptoms, because many symptoms are due to your bodies immune response. It won’t remove the threat entirely unless there is a high enough vaccination rate in the population.

    3. Andrea|

      Your definition of a vaccine is incorrect. Vaccines are meant to stimulate the production of antibodies and provoke an immune response to a specific infectious agent. That is exactly what these vaccines are doing. No vaccine is 100% effective at preventing a person from getting a disease. Many also require Booster shots because immunity wanes for some vaccines. Unfortunately, when people choose to remain unvaccinated it gives the disease a chance to spread further and faster. Study after study has found that if you are vaccinated and do get sick, you are sick for less time, with less severe symptoms meaning you are less likely to spread the disease since you expel less droplets. This is how we get out of the pandemic, not by denying science. Your views are a danger to public health.

      1. Patriot Girl|

        You are incorrect. This “vaccine” kills the antibodies. Do some actual research instead of blindly following what your govt tells you.

    4. Facts 4U|

      I agree 100%

    5. Matt LaFramboise|

      After almost 2 years of COVID-19 and 100 years of vaccination information it’s not even funny anymore that you would be able to post complete bullshit and somehow think you’re Actually talking about science.

    6. Anon|

      So glad you won’t be on my next flight…

  15. Nancy Dundatscheck|

    Good for them!

  16. Zach Haase|

    I’m proud of them. These mandates are totally BS. Just another step to totalitarianism/socialism. The LEFT has preached “my body my choice” and now they’re shoving the jab down our throats. I’m going to lose my 22 year career/pension the end of next month over this. This party is out of control. This is not the USA anymore.

    1. Angela|

      You should loose everything you and every other selfish person who don’t want to be vaccinated. If this is what it takes to end a pandemic that no one asked for and get back to a life without social distancing, mask mandates and not able to hung your elderly loved ones. Will it kill you, I believe not.

      1. Freedom loving American|

        Seriously Angela, why would you wish ill will towards someone who believes they can make their own medical decisions. I don’t wear a mask or social distance and do not live in fear of a disease that is not nealry as bad as the media will have you believe. I am not antivax or anti medicine but I will not be coerced to give up my freedom for any reason.

      2. Angeles|

        Wow what a nice thing to say Angela. God dont like ugly remember that.

    2. Andrea|

      No one is holding you down and forcing you to take a vaccine. You just don’t like the consequences of your actions. Private businesses requiring the vaccine? Sounds like capitalism to me!
      Since you are so opposed to mandates I am sure you never went to public school, right? I mean vaccines are mandated there, so I am sure you wouldn’t want your freedoms encroached by taking part in public education.
      I also hope that if you get sick you don’t plan on going to the hospital, since you don’t trust medicine or science.
      Good luck with your choices!

      1. Freedom loving American|

        Andrea, next time take time to actually read the comment. I am not antivax. My 4 children have had some vaccinations. My wife and I decide what we agree with and tell our doctors what we think. My kids do not go to public schools but that is irrelevant as many families do send their kids to school without vaccines thanks to exemptions. Private business can decide to require vaccines but they should not be influenced or forced by the government. That sounds like socialism and depending how it is enforced communism.

      2. Angeles|

        You dont think what Biden is imposing is holding people down and forcing them? Wow. What planet are you from? You probably live in California, New York or Canada or even Australia. Here in Texas is different. Abbott just got rid of the vaccine mandate for all entities. Schools here you can provide them with an affidavit for vaccine exemptions and you can attend school.

    3. Me|

      Ur losing it because ur chosing to

    4. Richard wattenburger|

      You are 100 percent right. Our country has gone to hell with the Communist democratic

    5. Matt LaFramboise|

      First of all you should really get a dictionary and look up the words that you decided to post. Secondly the slogan of my body my choice when dealing with abortion is factually accurate. Getting an abortion doesn’t somehow spread to other people. And that’s why after two years you thinking you know how pandemic spread and decided to post what you did shows how on educated and the depths that you decide to take in order to make yourself simply just feel better

  17. Anonymous|

    Sadly true, Zach!
    Standing with you!

  18. Joey Jet Pilot|

    Just saw your dismal appearance on CH9. From have turkey a week early and book 2 sets of tickets to offering no insight ‘if’ a sickout was even remotely a change. Did you even ask any SWA pilots if they knew anyone who was part of a ‘sick out?’ Do you even know the staffing issues with SWA over past 3 months? Are you aware of the flight reductions over the past week? Do you have any info on fragile nature of air travel and the slow recovery due to staffing for ALL airllines?The best part of your segment was when the anchor called you ‘Jimmy.’ Please do SOME research instead of shooting from the hip….
    Joey Jet Pilot

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Joey, you are 100% correct! I thought I’d have more time to talk about the latter but I obviously didn’t.

  19. George|

    The goal is the Destruction of everything and dividing of the population. Very sad that half of the population are falling for this scam that has 99.97 chance to kill.

  20. Dianne|

    I won’t take the jab for medical reasons. It’s my body and my choice what I do. If you are vaccinated then why would it matter to you if I am. You believe you are safe. I believe I am safer without it. I have a blood clotting issue and the vaccine causes some people to have blood clots. I won’t take the risk.

    1. Matt LaFramboise|

      Clearly you don’t understand how contagious pandemics operate Nora how vaccines work. I think you’ll do us all a favor by just inhaling the gas deeply and drifting off to dreamy dreamy land

      1. Paul|

        mRNA based vaccines. Get a working knowledge of microbiology then come back and judge your peers. Then go get a degree in understanding the critical mass of partial truth. Also, get a grip. You have lost your confidence in being an individual. Or change your name to Rubber Stamp.

  21. Com|

    I stand behind those workers and anyone else facing these mandates.

    1. Matt LaFramboise|

      That’s why you’re stupid F

  22. Anonymous|

    Americans are really a bunch of whiners. Wah we have to wear masks, wah we have to get a vaccine to help us end a GLOBAL pandemic. Global meaning this is affecting the entire world not just the United States. The whole world is getting these vaccines. Some ppl in less wealthy countries have to beg for our leftovers while we have to bribe & beg our citizens to take it. It’s really a disgrace people made public health political. I pray for this nation of self centered fools.

    1. Paul|

      Yes Rubber Stamp. Your right. And those Boston Tea party bunch. Same to you.

  23. Robert Gillchrest|

    Since SWA doesn’t have cooperative agreements with any other airline, you either fly them or wait until they rebook you. The other airlines have cooperative booking agreement which means you can be rebooked on them and get credit for your unused ticket.
    Take you chances if you’re flying SWA and trying to save money.

  24. sheila oconnell|

    I stand with the pilots. We are all grounded now. Like the propaganda says we are all in this together. What a disgrace this mandate is. I will take my chances with a virus that has has 99 percent survival rate than a plane crash that kills everyone.. these vaccines are garbage and the side effects are terrible. Hold the line fighter pilots.


    My apologies to everyone. I have been arrogant, demeaning, factually incorrect, and overall a complete jackass in my posts. I just checked and it turns out that the so called vaccines are not now and never were intended to stop the transmission of COVID. Therefore, a mandate to get the vaccine makes no sense whatsoever. Again I apologize for being the biggest left wing hack cock sucking piece of shit in the world.

  26. Patrick|

    Good for those pilots that stood up to the communist actions of our government ! This is America and we the people should not be forced to be vaccinated. All this pandemic is Bullshit, the dems trying to keep us under their thumbs so they can cheat again by using mail in ballots. God bless those who stand up to the socialist agenda.!!!!

  27. Peter|

    Interesting that the two airlines named, are the only two major airlines whose pilot unions are independent, and not part of the greater AFLCIO, whose union dues and official public endorsements go automatically to the Democrat Party candidate. This during a Democrat controlled regime. Is this pure coincidence?

  28. Tricia|

    Freedom of choice over ones body. I am not anti vax but I am American and what’s next? We gonna break into Amish community’s and make them get it? I know it’s not apples to apples but it’s our right to get it or not get it. Just as it’s our right to buy a big greasy pizza and kill our selves that way instead of cooking fresh vegetables.

  29. Jerry Mandel|

    Anti-vaccers spreading lies. Over 700,000 dead in USA is reality. At least, the pandemic gives an idea of something not shown in the 2020 census—how many immature people there are.

  30. Alex|

    I am a major airline captain and unvaccinated. Not because I’m anti vax but because my airline has not negotiated loss of license benefits for covid side effects that can disqualify you from flying. Some of us are faced with a tough career decision that I hope none of you have to face. Funny how we have been working through covid before any vaccine was available in the name of “national security” and now some of you call us domestic terrorist. Words matter right.

  31. DH|

    And yet you succumb to loving an autocratic, corrupt criminal who managed to scam his way into office while supplicating himself and his office to a leader named “Putin” (who worked previously as a KGB foreign intelligence officer for a Communist Regime). Further, your “dear leader”, Donald was in love with another communist leader, Kim Jong-Un. But, you call the Democratic Party “communists”? Get your facts straight. The Democratic Party favors such socialist programs like Social Security, Medicare and Disability. How much would I be willing to bet that you are enjoying those programs either now or you will be, in the future!

  32. LJ Deans|

    CDC website has ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?!?! I’m guessing it’s the poison being injected into unsuspecting humans that are being brainwashed. It’s MY BODY, MY C-H-O-I-C-E!

  33. TheBald Eagle|

    DH you are an idiot!

  34. Steve|

    All of the first grade name calling on these posts, no one citing sources for either side of the argument, thanks for not furthering the quality of the discussion.

  35. Elliott W|

    I’ve heard you and Leo Laporte many times talking about the Covid-19 and the vaccine and there is little room between you and Leo and your opinions. I am not an airline pilot, but let’s pretend I have a best friend who is a SW Pilot, Call him Capt. Jim, and he asks, “Hey Elliott, I understand you’ve had Covid-19 and the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine, do you think there are any side effects I should be concerned about?” I would tell him, “Well during the first week I had typical symptoms, tired and hard to concentrate, but in a couple of weeks I was okay…..then about a month later it was like my ear exploded. I had extreme vertigo, I walked a straight line like a drunk. Then came the Tinnitus, high pitched tone, pulsating, and loud snapping. This has gone on for the last 8-months. Don’t you guys have to take a physical? Who’s going to fly with a pilot who becomes known as, “Capt Jim’s Drunken Dream.””

    “But, hey don’t believe me, Capt. Jim, do your own research, Google, “tinnitus vertigo covid-19.” Could Covid-19 or the Vaccine result in a pilot ending his career? I’d guess only about 15% of the time. Well Pilot, Do you feel lucky?”

  36. Eagle|

    It is so sad, how selfish some Americans have become. Me, me, me, me….

  37. Elliott W|

    I am not an airline pilot, but let’s pretend I have a best friend who is a SW Pilot, Call him Capt. Jim, and he asks, “Hey Elliott, I understand you’ve had Covid-19 and the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine, do you think there are any side effects I should be concerned about?” I would tell him, “Well during the first week I had typical symptoms, tired and hard to concentrate, but in a couple of weeks I was okay…..then about a month later it was like my ear exploded. I had extreme vertigo, I walked a straight line like a drunk. Then came the Tinnitus, high pitched tone, pulsating, and loud snapping. This has gone on for the last 8-months. Don’t you guys have to take a physical? Who’s going to fly with a pilot who becomes known as, “Capt Jim’s Drunken Dream.””

    “But, hey don’t believe me, Capt. Jim, do your own research, Google, “tinnitus vertigo covid-19.” Could Covid-19 or the Vaccine result in a pilot ending his career? I’d guess only about 15% of the time. Well Pilot, Do you feel lucky?”

  38. Elliott W|

    Some people are small people.

  39. Kathryn Tracy|

    Johnny, generally love your info! Since the pandemic onset, your postings seem to reflect an air speed acceleration into conspiracy theories. Perhaps a non-partisan independent editor would help by objectively critical-thinking your rhetorical postings and maintain balance. QAnon has enough conspiracy theories w/o adding fire to the out-of-control speculation flames. And some passengers may actually be able to figure out what’s best for their travel plans w/o being scolded, nannied or bullied.

  40. Matthew Sabo|

    Having worked for Southwest as a Ramp Supervisor in BWI (Baltimore) I can speak firsthand to blatant disregard for safety practices, both for employees, and for passengers and equipment. It doesn’t surprise me that Southwest is choosing to go the path it has, considering they run their employees, both ramp agents, supervisors and managers into the ground with ‘mandatory overtime’ and other ridiculous working conditions. It’s no wonder why places like BWI and similar stations are revolving doors for employees. They (Southwest) lure people in under the guise of how awesome they are to work for, and then rape their employees like a prison gang bang. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was done on purpose to keep overhead low, and retirement/pension down, because nobody can stomach sticking around for more than a few years to work for them. On the surface, they’re all happy and smiles with singing flight attendants and cute commercials. But beneath the surface, they are a wretched, cruel and absolutely miserable employer to work for, think Ebeneezer Scrouge on meth.

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