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Last week, we ran a tip reminding you to log out of all your streaming accounts (like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, etc.) whenever you check out of a hotel or house rental if you’ve logged in on a shared Smart TV.

Some major hotel chains will automatically do this for you as part of the check-out process but most smaller hotels don’t have a system that can reset all the TVs and home rentals definitely don’t.

I received numerous comments and emails from readers agreeing that it’s a good tip because they’ve had personal experiences with people locking them out of their accounts or accruing charges.

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Reader James H added a great tip, saying: “I bring a Roku stick with me, it logs into the hotel WiFi using help from the phone. You can Google for instructions. And yes, I did leave it one time but got it back.”

A Roku Streaming Stick is a great idea because it’s portable and perfect for travel. We use Roku sticks on all of our TVs at home and love them. They’re inexpensive and give you instant access to all of your streaming platforms in one convenient place. However, as James notes above, you don’t want to forget it when you leave. Because it’s hidden behind the TV, there’s a good chance you’ll forget all about it when you’re checking out. Whenever I need to be reminded about something, I use this free email service, to send me an email. In this case, I would set a reminder for a few hours before checkout to pull the Roku out of the TV and put it back in my bag. Buy a Roku Streaming Stick here on Amazon.

4 Comments On "Why You Should Travel With a Roku Streaming Stick"
  1. KCollier|

    Of course, Amazon’s Fire TV stick works also. I have been doing this for years. BUT, it’s not always that easy. Often the TV is locked down even if you can find and access a HDMI socket.

  2. Traveler|

    Also, bring an HDMI extension cable so that the stick remains on top of/in front of the TV.

  3. John J|

    We take our Firestick, a small extension cord with several outlets (because sometimes there are no available open outlets near the tv), and an HDMI extension cable. Sometimes it’s a process figuring out how to hook it all up because the HDMI access is on the back of the tv which may be bolted to the wall, but that usually only slows us down!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Great tip! Thanks for sharing

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