Do you have a travel bucket list? With 2020 officially in full swing now, you might be starting to seriously think about how to turn your travel dreams into reality this year. You’re not alone! We checked in with some frequent travelers to find out what destinations top their bucket lists and where to go in 2020. Here’s what they had to say!

The Great Wall of China
I have a few bucket list places on my list for 2020. The Great Wall of China has been on my bucket list ever since I first learned about it in the sixth grade. But with the coronavirus, I think it’s going to need to wait a while. My other dream trip is to take my family (my wife, son and daughter) to Ischia, Italy to see the island where my grandparents are from and of course, eat some incredible Italian food while we’re there and soak up those incredible Mediterranean sun and vibes.
Johnny Jet,

Northern Pakistan
I never knew that I wanted to visit the wilds of Northern Pakistan until I met some of the people in the tourism boards of Balochistan, ‘the land of hospitality.’ Now that the country has drastically opened itself up to tourists by lowering travel restrictions and cutting the cost of a visa, this remarkable place full of dramatic mountains and clear lakes tempts me greatly. And when I published our story about Phander Lake, in Pakistan’s Ghizer District and saw the striking beauty, once again I thought–wow maybe I’ll go there this year.
Max Hartshorne, GoNOMAD Travel

South Africa
I’m hoping that 2020 is a year of rediscovery for me. My bucket list destination is South Africa. There are so many incredible sights to see in South Africa but I really want to learn more about my heritage. As an African-American, I don’t really identify with my African roots and I’d love to change that. The more I travel the more often I’m asked about where I’m from “originally”. The furthest back I can trace is three generations to my great-grandmother. I know she was born and raised in Louisiana and that she moved to California in the 1970s. But I have so many more questions than answers. Which makes me want to start from the beginning, Africa.
Annette Richmond, From Annette With Love

The Republic of Georgia
Definitely, The Republic of Georgia. Located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, this small country, known for delicious food and wine, is on our 2020 bucket list. As culinary explorers on the quest for the best local food experiences, visiting Georgia is unmissable. Considered the birthplace of wine, wine culture in Georgia dates back more than 8000 years. The food is arguably one of the world’s most underrated cuisines. In fact, khachapuri, the local cheese bread, has been designated part of Georgia’s intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Can’t wait to explore Georgia’s culinary delights. Will you join us?
Rosemary Kimani & Claire Rouger, Authentic Food Quest

Argentina has been tops on my bucket list for a long time now. I’d love to visit for its incredible natural beauty, adventure and culture. There are only a few places in the world where mountains, jungle, volcanoes and the sea can be found in a single country. Horseback riding in the mountains, hiking among glaciers, windsurfing, paragliding and rafting are just some of the adventures I would enjoy doing in Argentina. Of course, I would love to immerse myself within the colorful culture, along with the dance, food and wine of the region.
Mike Shubic,

Baku, Azerbaijan
While I admittedly don’t have much of a bucket list left, in 2020 I am excited to go back to Baku, Azerbaijan for the Euro 2020 soccer tournament. It’s been some 13 years since I was last in Baku. I’m excited to see all that’s changed and been built since I was last in the fast growing city and nation. I also look forward to checking out other parts of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus region.
Lee Abbamonte,

I’ve been itching to get back to Patagonia ever since I got a taste of it around Bariloche when my wife and I first visited Argentina 15 years ago. The Chilean adventure lodge company Explora is opening a new one near El Chalten late this year, so I’m planning to start there and then slowly make my way through the lakes and mountains of both Argentina and Chile: hiking, kayaking, and viewing glaciers while we still can. This beautiful area has been sitting on my bucket list for far too long. Time to check it off!
Timothy Scott, Luxury Latin America

Tulum, Mexico
Tulum, Mexico is high on our bucket list for 2020. My sister lives there, which was our main reason for visiting, but she has sold me on the Tulum Elixir. Powdered white sandy beaches with ancient, mystical Mayan temples standing guard over the cyan Caribbean waters. Stunning cenotes and jungled canopies to explore. Mayan rituals, spiritual healings, delicious vegan food and a slow-paced tropical vibe is what my body and soul is craving to kick start this new decade!
Caroline Makepeace, ytravelblog

Svalbard archipelago
When was the last time you were on an adventure? A real adventure driven by weather conditions, intimate wildlife encounters and amazing landscapes, all fueled by exploration? This type of adventure is why exploring the Svalbard Archipelago on an expedition ship is high on our bucket list for 2020. This group of islands is located between mainland Norway and the North Pole. It is a rugged, remote, ice-filled and underexplored region of the world waiting to deliver one of the richest travel experiences you can have. It’s a place where nature rules and there are more polar bears than people. In the realm of the polar bear, your days are spent viewing thousands of seabirds on a skiff and paddling along rocky coastlines in a kayak next to seals playing in the water. On land, you learn about the large variety of plants that locals have used for centuries. Hiking the rugged landscape allows you to search for arctic fox, reindeer and stand in awe while polar bears thrive in their natural environment. This is an adventure for the pioneer, the nature-enthusiast or the bucket-lister. Are you ready for an adventure? Arctic Norway is calling.
Lina & David Stock, Divergent Travelers

My bucket list destination for 2020 is Maldives. Ever since I went to Bora Bora last year, I have been curious to see how to the two destinations to compare. While they seemingly appear the same, the consensus is that “not all over water bungalows are the same.” I am naturally drawn to beautiful destinations and warmer weather. The stunning islands paired with their remote location and top notch customer service are whats begging me to visit. I have made it a personal goal to visit the most beautiful islands in the world, and Maldives is constantly gracing every list.
Nicole Sunderland, Eat Live Travel Drink

Costa Rica
There are many destinations on our bucket list for 2020, but there is one destination that we return to every year and hope to visit again in 2020 and that’s Costa Rica. We are not strangers to this beautiful country. Max grew up here, we got married here back in 2015 and we’ve been visiting Costa Rica every year ever since. Despite having already visited many corners of Costa Rica, every year we are eager to return for more. For sustainable travelers like us, Costa Rica is an ideal destination full of adventurous activities, beautiful beaches, wonderful national parks and diverse wildlife. We love that our stay in Costa Rica can have a minimal impact on the environment, thanks to the country’s commitment to renewable energy and the fact that thousands of tour and lodging operators across the country proudly display the prestigious Certification for Sustainable Tourism. We have recently named Costa Rica as one of our Top 50 Most Sustainable Destinations in the World, and in 2018 we took our love for Costa Rica a step further by opening our own hotel, the Drift Away Eco Lodge just steps away from one of our favorite beaches in the country in Costa Rica’s Blue Zone – Nicoya Peninsula. So if we needed an extra excuse to come back here – a chance to spend some time in paradise on the beach, is it!
Oksana & Max,  Drink Tea & Travel

Baja, California
After road-tripping to 47 States and 6 Canadian provinces, it’s time we take our vintage camper, “Buddy,” to Baja Calfornia! This sliver of Mexico is where surfers, whale watchers, and savvy snowbirds head for the winter, and this February ⁠… we’re coming with them! Cruising from LA over the Tijuana border, we’re embarking on a 2,000-mile road trip, up and down the peninsula. Getting local in beach pueblos, grey whale watching in the calving lagoons, sipping our way through wine country, glamping in a UNESCO biosphere reserve, and eating our way through the taco stands, we say “Si señor and vamanos!”
Mike & Anne Howard,

The Trans-Siberian Railway
A bucket list trip should embody something that’s difficult to do, is profoundly foreign, and even just slightly out of reach. That’s why we’ve been spending too much time lately examining all the options to take the world’s longest train trip. We’ve been to Moscow and other bits of Russia–but only the European parts. Siberia is mythologically vast, bleak, and forbidding. All the more reason to meet the people who live there, see the exotic Arctic landscape and wildlife, and explore the crumbling remnants of the Soviet Union. Yet to be decided is whether to go all the way to Vladivostok or veer off through Mongolia and to Beijing. More research through a pile of books is in the future.
Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning, Travel Past 50


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