Should I cancel my trip to Asia?
Should I cancel my trip to Asia?

For the past few months, I’ve been planning an incredible round-the-world trip with my best friend Mike. We both recently turned the big 5-0, so we decided to do something we don’t normally do and splurge on ourselves. We purchased business class tickets with a mix of cash and miles. Here’s the breakdown of my itinerary:

Los Angeles to Toronto on American Airlines (via Dallas)
Since AA doesn’t fly nonstop between LAX-YYZ anymore, I’m going via Dallas. I was going to buy a non-stop flight on Air Canada but the ticket was $353, and that was without paying for a seat towards the front of the plane or in an exit row and without paying the baggage fee. Since I’m in bed with American’s frequent flier program, I figured I might as well stay with them to earn the miles and start putting spend towards retaining my Executive Platinum (EP) status for next year. I could have flown economy for $230 but since I wanted to start my birthday trip off right, I splurged and purchased business class for $503 since the LAX-DFW portion is on a 787 in a lie-flat seat.

Toronto to Singapore (via London and Helsinki)
I’m going to Toronto (YYZ) because that’s where my ridiculously low business class fare ($1,582) to Singapore (and Hong Kong) originates. Besides, my wife grew up in Toronto so I have a place to stay and can spend the day doing errands for my mother-in-law. From Toronto I’m flying YYZ to London (LHR) on a British Airways A350. Then it’s LHR to Helsinki (HEL) and finally on to Singapore, both on Finnair’s new A350.

I have a three-hour layover in London, which is just enough time to take a shower, hang out in the first class lounge and get some good food. In HEL, the layover is eight hours so Mike and I are planning to take the train into the city (30 minutes), tour around and go to dinner before returning to the airport. In Singapore, we’re going to spend a couple of nights at the swanky Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which was featured in the movie Crazy Rich Asians. I’ve been to the hotel but never swam in its surreal rooftop infinity pool so I’m really looking forward to it.

Singapore to Bangkok to Hong Kong (and then home to Los Angeles)
We decided we could squeeze Thailand in for 24 hours so we could get our Thai food fix and flights from Singapore to Bangkok to Hong Kong (HKG) on Cathay Pacific were just 22,500 American Airline miles total for both business class tickets.

The plan is to spend three nights. I really only wanted two but American Airlines’ HKG-to-LAX flight had confirmed upgrade space on the Monday night so I decided to spend an extra day. The coach ticket was $534 but I had confirmed space for my system-wide upgrade (American EP members receive four system-wide upgrades a year to use on any flight as long as space is available).

Coronavirus: Should I cancel my trip to Asia?

Then in early January the news about the coronavirus started trickling in. Obviously, we’ve been monitoring the situation, and it just keeps getting worse. Both Mike and I have two little kids at home, we’re not traveling for work, and we don’t want to cause our families anxiety. So now we’re asking ourselves: Should we cancel our trip?

We both have travel insurance through Allianz (I’m one of their brand ambassadors) but I don’t imagine insurance will cover all the tickets since they don’t all involve China. However, before I go down the road of filing an insurance claim, I’m going to call the airlines to see if they will refund the tickets. My buddy Mike called Delta Air Lines about his New York-to-Budapest ticket and the agent surprisingly told him they would refund him in full since they understand the concern. I was shocked because his ticket was a one-way just to Europe and his Asia portions weren’t on a Sky Team partner. Good on Delta! Now let’s see what American, Finnair and Cathay Pacific have to say (I will update the post once I contact them).

Obviously, I’ll be really bummed if I have to cancel this incredible trip. Southeast Asia is my favorite destination to travel to and I haven’t been in four years. But when I asked friends and family on Facebook what they would do and the overwhelming response was to cancel and stay home (even from a lot of seasoned travelers).

Maybe the media is making this a bigger deal than it really is, but many sources say that the numbers of cases are being underreported. As of this writing, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in China is more than 8,200. The death toll has risen to 171. To put that in perspective: In the U.S., the CDC estimates that there have been at least 15 million flu illnesses and more than 8,000 deaths so far this flu season.

What scares me most about traveling to Asia (besides getting the virus and infecting others) is that right now, if you do go and you come down with a fever, you could be quarantined for up to two weeks. I recently read about a flight from Singapore to Shanghai (I think, as I can’t find the story) that had two people with fevers so they quarantined all the passengers. Then in Italy just yesterday, a Chinese cruise passenger showed signs of coronavirus and they quarantined the whole ship of 6,000 passengers!

What would you do?

As much as I love travel and the Asian continent, I just don’t think it’s worth the risk right now because I have a wife and two little kids. If I were single, I would wait until the day before to decide to go. What do you think? Should I cancel my trip to Asia? If you were in my position, what would you do? Please leave a comment with your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Reginald Short|

    I am flying to KL in April where I will go snorking in Redang and then Singapore. So far I don’t plan to cancel. But since most deaths are 50 and older and I am 75 I plan to monitor the situation.

    However with your kids I would cancel since it seems one can be contagious without symptoms. You could bring it home.

  2. Carol P|

    If you’re that worried about it, I would see if I could get the same flights/prices at a later date, maybe a few months out. If not, then cancel.

  3. sally milano|

    JJ……………….have been following you since early 2000………………………….enjoying and being almost a family member with your dad, early times getting started on your place in the travel world and I remember all with Amber, then the wonderful meeting of Nat and your life as dad now and I really have a hard time with your decision, But………………………………Olivia and Jack…………….Nat………you have the world on a string now…………………..hopefully another celebration as you turn over another birthday you can take the dream trip……………………….you are special to so many……………God be with you as you decide

  4. Cindy|

    Why take a risk? This seems genuinely serious. You can always go another time when everything slows down.

  5. Mark|

    You only live once…I would push back the trip a bit while the situation becomes clearer…


    We are also planning a BIG Asia trip including 3 weeks in China, + Japan, Singapore, Cambodia etc. While I wouldn’t go now, our trip is early May so we’re going to wait out February to see how the virus spreads or gets contained. If it’s contained, we would go – just not include some tours we’d normally do like wet markets.

    I hope we don’t have to because we too have full insurance but it probably doesn’t include other-than-China travel.

    Actually, we paid for flights with miles so no idea how that’s going to work out.

    Looking forward to it. PS – I’m 60, hubby little older.

  7. Joan|

    Hi Johnny – for health reasons for all concerned, I would postpone until later date, not worth the risk.

  8. Sally B. Snow|

    Yes, cancel….read again what you said about your relationship with your family. You are at a stage in your life you cannot risk illness, especially one that is new and different…it’s not a cold! Be very safe, not very sorry.

  9. Sam Kephart|

    After reading this, your decision should be “Hell, no!” Cancel your itinerary.

    My friend, Shad Olson, is a National Emmy Award-Winning Investigative Journalist.

    Here’s something you WON’T get from the MSM.

    All true… Shad lived in China as a missionary years ago.

  10. rich|

    In an abundance of caution right now, I would cancel the Asia portion of the trip.

  11. Darrol HOUSER|

    My wife and I are doing a 16 day cruise starting April 15. We will have 2, two day stops in China Hong Kong and Shanghai. At this point we plan to go, however, some cruise ships are canceling the cruises in Asia. Will wait and see. I am glad we bought travel insurance.

  12. Cynthia Rankin|

    In my opinion, I would postpone it –perhaps until later this year or next year after things settle down. OR, just change the itinerary to spend the trip in non-Asia destinations. There’s no reason to risk your getting sick, getting your family sick, or getting stuck in a quarantine situation.

  13. Tessa|

    Sadly, unless you want to self-quarantine yourself upon your return, just in case you are carrying but have no symptoms, I would probably wait. And I am a “Go for it, worry-warts be damned!” sort of person, so for me to admit that you probably need to put that travel insurance to use, in order to protect your family, shows the seriousness of the situation. I’d wait as long as possible before cancelling, but at this point, I’d lean that way. Sorry about that.

  14. Christopher Stubbs|

    Hi Johnny Jet

    My recommendation would be to postpone this trip.

  15. Milt|

    I would not go. You have a responsibility to your family.

  16. Sue|

    Johnny – cancel, you can travel again at another time. Your precious children are more valuable than a buddies trip.. take example from Kobe.. his kids came first. good luck with your decision.
    and keep the cards and letters coming !

  17. Bill|

    I just cancelled my plans to go to asia next month. I can go in the summer after flu season is over.

  18. Bill|

    I am not afraid of Asia. I am afraid of the flights.

  19. Sandy|

    Cancel now! Why take the risk? Your family and health are the most important concerns. There will be other birthdays. If it were Natalie who was going, what would you advise her?

  20. Heather L. Sumner|

    Hi Johnny. It’s a long lost Rowaytonite. Don’t cancel. Postpone until things settle down. Over insurance, refunds, and airline policy, your health and well-being are the very most important things to you and your family. Just ask that guy you’re pictured with on your masthead. :(

  21. jpa aaa|

    You will celebrate many more birthdays.
    You can make any trip special and you have the flexibility to have a birthday trip almost any time.

    If you don’t have to absolutely travel, mix in large groups of people, or gamble with your families health — why go now?

    Enjoy life, love your family, and have time with your-guy friend at a safer time.
    Why take an extra risk in your life when you do not have to do it.

  22. Edward Muldoon|

    Hello, Johnny,

    As a follower of yours, a fellow parent and a fellow Manhattan Beacher who loves to travel and has been to Asia many times, I would cancel and postpone the trip! I think travel right now for anything other than for something absolutely critical is best put off until the coronavirus is under control.

    The fact you have some doubt and are asking others whether to cancel should be enough reason to cancel and regroup.

    All the best.

  23. Melissa|

    I think you already answered your own question: “…I just don’t think it’s worth the risk right now because I have a wife and two little kids. If I were single, I would wait until the day before to decide to go.” Postpone for a later date to see how this shakes out. It could get much worse in which case you cancel or they come up with a vaccine and you go later.

  24. Carol M.|

    I would cancel the trip just to be cautious. You can always replace these tickets but you can’t replace your family.

  25. Sylvia Thompson|

    Living near March Air Base I hear all the uninformed comments about the virus going to doom us all. How silly this is! But I would err on the side of caution and definitely not go where the virus is in full bloom! As an RN with over 50 years in the OR dealing with isolation procedures I agree with the CDC… Protect yourself and your family! Cancel the Asia part at least .
    Sylvia Thompson

  26. Michael R.|

    Ask Mrs. Jet. ?

  27. Ron|

    I know your concerns Johnny and they are legitimate. I have an Asian trip planned in April and although I have not decided one way or the other I know that the virus and impact will get worse before it gets better and runs the typical bell shaped curve. In addition to what has already been discussed, as the hysteria increases many unknowns can occur such as long delays, cancellations without notice, contracting it and not knowing about it until you are already home and endanger your family and friends, etc. Your itinerary is full of potential for some unexpected and probably not pleasant possibilities. Since the purpose of your trip is pleasure, the timing does not correlate with that very well.

  28. llandaff|

    Given the population of Singapore is ~5.5 million and there are 10 confirmed cases, I don’t think I would worry. I am not in the slightest worried about going to Malaysia for 3 months in July.

  29. Pamela|

    I can totally understand your desire to go on that trip . I also have a cruise departing Shanghai March 28th and planned to come in early for a private tour and fly to Xian to see the Terra-cotta soldiers . When in port in Beijing I also have a private tour to the Great Wall & Forbidden city . I am waiting for Celebrity Millennium to cancel the cruise . American Airlines is waiving the fee for travel thru March 27. My health is of utmost concern and as much as I have been looking forward to this trip , it just isn’t meant to be . Why risk it ? When you are deciding think about your wife and 2 children . You can reschedule your trip now and I wish I could to find another trip .

  30. Reagan|

    The trip sounds wonderful. I would consider rescheduling to a later date, once this outbreak is under control. Asia will still be there. Stay healthy for your family.

  31. V Glava|

    You said that all you care about is keeping your family safe. Postpone the trip

  32. Tom Barclay|

    Long-time follower of yours because of your appearances with The Tech Guy on TWiT! I’d do the trip, but if I were you, considering your family, I’d put it off until another time. Why take the risk?

  33. Tricia|

    I am an American living in Hong Kong. Cancel. Don’t even think twice about it.

  34. thomas reiser|

    I would avoid Hong Kong and see if you can do another route and not take Cathay Pacific

  35. Don Edmands, Jr.|

    CANCEL! We travel overseas 2-3 times a year. You DO NOT want to be sick in a foreign country…especially China. We were in China Sep-Oct 2019. A passenger on our ship got sick and was taken to a hospital ashore…and left! I talked to him when he finally got home. The hospital was a horror story. I would wait until this crisis is over to travel…including other places besides China. My wife (an RN) is predicting this thing will go world wide.

  36. Christine Adams|

    I’m already considering canceling my trip to Seoul in April. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the risk, to you or your family. I’m sure it would be an amazing trip but no trip is worth potentially suffering an illness or even worse. Tough decision- good luck!

  37. David Hartzell|

    An unequivocal YES CANCEL. You can always go when this goes away.

  38. Susan Johnston|

    I think canceling might be the less stressful way to go.

  39. J P|

    Super bummer about this impacting what sounds like an amazing trip. What about changing the Asian destinations to somewhere like South Africa or or South America? (even Antarctica!)

  40. Bob|

    Johnny – I totally get why everyone advises cancelling or postponing. I have another suggestion. How about modifying the itinerary to exclude Hong Kong, and fly home from Bangkok or Singapore? There is no massive outbreak anywhere except in China, and the majority of those who have contracted the virus were, at some time, there. The potential is always there for you to catch any disease on any trip to any city. If you take the trip, but bypass any part of China, your odds of coming back healthy will probably skyrocket. I hope this helps.

  41. Pat|

    DITTO !

  42. Larry Martinez|

    As a faculty member on the Spring 2018 Semester at Sea voyage, we were warned about a lot scarier stuff out there than the latest flu variety. it’s like the stock market, go against the mob mentality. China is using this to offset their SARS lack of transparency and to practice their latest population Surveillance technologies under warlike conditions. It could mutate to a Spanish Flu disaster (1919), but staying home won’t help. Go.

  43. Ellen Clark|

    Tough call, but, if it were moi, I’d cancel. Being worried the whole trip about getting infected would definitely put a damper on a trip for me.

  44. John J|

    Carol M’s comment hit the nail on the head. Plus, think of all the extra hugs you’ll be able to get from those kids of yours if you stay home!

    John J

  45. Kay Tibbles|

    As a parent, there is no way I would knowingly jeopardize the health of my family. As several people have mentioned, this trip can be rescheduled when the danger is over.

  46. Victoria Liddle|

    If you have a strong immune system, probably be OK………..BUT you do have little ones at home that would be a worry for me should I travel over now with all that’s going on.
    Safety First…………and you know another trip later will be just as much fun without having to keep a very careful eye on everyone, and every thing you touch!!

  47. RozMc|

    Check out this article here
    “For most Americans, the risk of getting sick or dying from influenza is much greater than the risk from coronavirus. Already during this flu season, about 15 million Americans have been infected and more than 8,000 have died. Worldwide, flu kills about 650,000 people every year.”
    I feel this article gives an overview to the ‘news’ and the potential of this virus.

  48. Frances Bojorquez|

    Johnny, Don’t cancel…postpone the trip and celebrate life when things are under control.

    I enjoy reading you blog and seeing pictures of the family so don’t jeopardize that for me. :)

  49. David Littman|

    We are just beginning to learn how serious this is. Much more needs to be known about it. With your wife and children as your priority cancel or postpone until the situation is under control.

  50. Dan Kraft|

    You didn’t remind your readers that you are an admitted germaphobe. How much are you going to enjoy being on an airplane or anywhere in Asia where the levels of personal hygiene (even sometimes in business or first class or in fancy hotels) is sometimes in question. If you are the type who is very concerned about these issues, you are going to be scrutinizing everything you do and it will be an unnecessary distraction.
    I would postpone the trip.
    The first person you should be asking is Natalie. If she had any reservations about your going, then listen to her! Your primary obligation is to her and your kids.
    I’m supposed to go to California in a few weeks and we were planning to take the grandchildren to San Francisco. Since it takes about eight hours of flying time to get there, I’m considering postponing our trip, and that’s only in the United States. Yes, that may be extreme, but why introduce extra anxiety into what is supposed to be for pleasure?

  51. Mary Hanson|

    I am in the same boat however my flight is direct to Singapore from San Francisco and Singapore to San Francisco home. I am planning to spend a few days in Singapore and then board a cruise to Indonesia (Bali), Malaysia and Thailand). I am 74 years old so the virus is a bit worrisome but I am not going anywhere in China so at this point am still going on the trip mid-March. I have been monitoring the health reports from the Ministry of Health-Singapore and so far they seem to have things under control. I would go but leave out Chinese destinations.

  52. Robert saari|

    Hi, bob retired from Delta, living in the Philippines. Definitely skip Hong Kong. I don’t think Singapore would be a problem. I would like to recommend Cebu where I live, but they are taking severe measures against the virus. I don’t know about Thailand, but if this situation gets worse, there is a chance that you might get stuck over here. By the way, I will be in LA next week, would like to see you again.

  53. Tom|

    Nope I wouldn’t do it. Maybe put it off for a while, but why take a chance?

  54. Renee Guzzardo|

    If I had two little kids, I would not go! Your family is more important than risking getting ill or bringing something back home to your family or getting quarantined who knows where and who knows for how long. You can always do this trip later when there is no threat with the coronavirus. The Chinese government doesn’t tell the truth as to the severity, nor does the news media. Just saw news report right now, “first person-to-person transmission confirmed in the U.S.” Besides…if DISNEY closes their Disney Park in China, that’s a huge statement as to the severity. It’s just not worth the risk…don’t go!

  55. Stephanie|

    I actually cancelled my trip to Taiwan. And I never cancel! I love adventure, and I’ve been solo all over the world. I don’t try to put myself in danger, but I don’t let the news and other peoples’ fears scare me from travel. However, this one is different … it’s really scary. You have too much to lose …. those places will be there next year.

  56. Rob T.|

    Let the PEACE of God rule as an umpire on your heart….deciding and settling with finality all questions that arrive in your mind.
    Ultimately……you have to live with yourself and with your family.

  57. Mark|

    I just got back from 2 weeks in Thailand – BKK via TPE to SFO… I’d agree that the flu in the US is more of a risk, but it doesn’t make the nightly news every day. Stress and anxiety are harmful to the body. If you do the trip now, those 2 things will definitely be a factor. Postpone until a worry-free time.

  58. Deanna|

    Yes. Cancel. Go another time. Don’t put your family at risk. Or other people.

  59. lee laurino|

    Have a Chinese tour operator who I have used, tell me last week “do NOT come’.
    I had a trip planned starting in Hong Kong and will just do it when the danger is over.

    Just move the entire trip and not spend every day worring

  60. Anonymous|

    Cancel. My daughter is a pilot for United flying trips to Bejing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and I REALLY do not want her to continue flying those trips. I would imagine many crew members are very concerned about their health as well as the health of all the passengers. I would not take the risk.

  61. lee laurino|

    shall look for your post on what Alliance will do for policy holders if the virus spreads.
    Shall have to call them since I have not purchased my ticket to the alternative location (not Asia) I dont think they will cover my expenses if I cancel……………..
    Have been reading a little about ships changing their itineraries……………..and avoiding China

  62. Dawn|

    Nope, not worth the risk. The risk I’m talking about is not having a plane to return home. Many airlines and countries are banning flights. You may have a hard time getting home, and then add the worry and stress with all of the virus talk in the news. Stress isn’t the best thing for your immune system, right when you need it most. A coworker of mine was in high school in China during SARS and said it took a good 3 months for schools and business to return/open and things to get back to normal. I just heard today’s numbers have officially surpassed the SARS outbreak from 2002. Please postpone, expect at least 4 months.

  63. Bob White|

    The trip can wait until the dust settles on this virus.

  64. Paul Benke|

    Alert from US State Department:
    Event: Due to the ongoing outbreak of respiratory illness, first identified in Wuhan, China, the U.S. Government issued a Level 4 Do Not Travel Alert on January 30, 2020. This alert recommends that U.S. citizens avoid travel to China due to the rapid spread of coronavirus. We strongly recommend that U.S. citizens avoid all travel to China until further notice.

  65. Kathy|

    I would not take the chance. Your destinations will always be there. Your health comes first.

  66. Jerome Howard|

    Go on the trip!
    My wife and I don’t currently have a trip planned for this winter. We are going to take advantage of bargains this hysteria is causing, and go to someplace like Malaysia or Cambodia or Vietnam. The Media needs hysterias and feeding frenzies to fill their air time. As late as 1979 there was one half hour of national news on TV. Now they have all this time to fill. Remember all the deaths of tourists in the Dominican Republic? Whatever became of that story?
    As far as I can tell reading between the lines this Coronavirus is only dangerous if you are already frail. Otherwise it is kind of like a common cold or flu. Not a threat for two 50-year old men.
    With your planned trip, the most likely problem will be passing through Hong Kong Airport. This is the “hub” for Cathay Pacific, when you go to just about anyplace in Asia on CP you go through Hong Kong. You could experience extra screening. That is on your return and if getting through Hong Kong is a problem that is really Cathay Pacific’s problem to resolve.
    The good news is that if there is something to Coronavirus it is being treated as a medical issue. Remember Ebola? That was treated first and foremost as a Civil Rights issue.

  67. Nancy Haswell|

    Do not go. Wisdom over desire. Others over self. If Mikes such a good friend, he will totally support whatever decision you make.

  68. Jan|

    Cancel – No, Postpone -probably. My daughter lives in Bangkok so I was impressed with your Singapore – BKK – HKG use of AA miles. I will have to consider that as I go twice a year. I will probably have a REAL mask for those trips not just a loose, paper kind.

  69. Marc|

    You could `play it safe’ cancel the trip and then drop dead for any one of a host of other reasons (like getting hit by a bus or getting the flu). Go for it dude. My opinion is that this is now totally over hyped like the Dominican nonsense last year. I went to the DR in June for 5 days, still here… Going back to Bangkok for 8 days via Hong Kong 12 days from now. No worries, I will wash my hands frequently, and have the time of a lifetime cause you never know if you will get another shot at such an opportunity.

  70. Kay Dougherty|

    Cancel and do it next year. That will have the added benefit of delaying turning 50 for another year!

    If your kids were old enough to travel on their own would you want them to go? Me either.

  71. P|

    I am in Singapore as I write this and was in Hong Kong last week.

    Take your hand sanitizer, a box or two of face masks and do the same things you do when the flu is going around. Keep your hands away from your eyes, avoid touching rails, etc.

    We were on a tour with an oncology nurse yesterday and she said a strain the coronavirus has been in the US for quite a while and they see it often enough in the hospitals. It’s not bacterial so they merely treat the symptoms. Those more so at risk are the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

    Enjoy your trip but take precautions. Is it a bit unnerving seeing everyone around you wearing masks? Yeah, a bit. Did I come down with an upper respiratory infection after stupidly wearing the same surgical mask for two days? Yeah. I mentioned it to the nurse who was surprisingly sans a mask and she says hospital protocol is they change theirs every 20 minutes if worn continuously. I was the only one in my family to get a cold and I was the only one to wear a “used” mask. Lesson learned. ?

    Enjoy your trip.

  72. Connie J ZACK|


  73. Mike|

    I’ve been living in Shanghai for the past few years and I just left to go to Thailand for the holidays on January 23rd. Being there myself as well as around southeast asia since this started, here’s what I can say:

    Singapore: is just as safe as the US, if not more safe. They are very clean there and have strict entry requirements combined with a smaller population. All of my Singapore friends are fine and nothing is different there except that Chinese people aren’t getting visas right now to visit.

    Thailand: I’ve been here for the past week and a half now traveling around different cities including Bangkok. It feels exactly the same as it did when there wasn’t a virus except that you see some Chinese people wearing masks more often than normal. Again I’d say the risk in Thailand is about the same as if you were in the US.

    Hong Kong: I’d say this is the only place on your itinerary that actually has any risk higher than just living normal life in the US. But if your insurance covers Hong Kong flight cancellations, maybe just replace this leg of the trip with somewhere else.

    Bottom line I’d say you’ll be fine minus Hong Kong. Honestly it’s a shame you probably can’t get any cheaper prices in hotels because of the outbreak. I plan to go back to my home in Shanghai in a few days unless things get worse.

  74. Paco|

    Yo Johnny
    No brainer, cancel! You just started your family. Go another time when the dust settles.
    Stay safe!

  75. Dolakh Thapa|

    Hi Johnny,
    I would definitely cancel my trip to Asia if I were you; but unfortunately, I am an Asian.
    Coronavirus has been a serious issue in the world as it is deadly and reports have shown the terrible impact of the virus. Until today, more than 200 affected people had died and many more are still under supervision. In this situation, traveling in Asian countries could be an unwise decision. Like you mentioned, many aircraft and planes to Asian countries are canceled. According to the reports, more than 10,000 flights are canceled in 6 days.

  76. Varun|

    In a similar situation now for a trip in 2 weeks. I’ll say cancel considering the route you are taking. All countries have confirmed cases of the new virus. It won’t be an enjoyable trip with the mood right now at airports

  77. Gordon M|

    I agree with some of the other posters that if you can skip Hong Kong, you should just go. Maybe even with Hong Kong, after all there have only been like 20 cases there out of a population of over 7 million. To put it into perspective, you are probably more likely to die on the car trip to/from the airport than you are to die from the coronavirus on your trip.

    Everything we do has some risk, and we each have to weigh the risk of an activity against the benefit of doing it. You are not a bad person if you take on some small incremental risk in order to enjoy your trip.

  78. Nancy Roney|

    i’m traveling to japan in march/april. no plans on cancelling but bringing facemasks.

  79. Joan Barnes|

    I am travelling to Perth via Singapore in two weeks. I have type 2 diabetis,not sure what to do.

  80. Susan hess|

    Have trip to Thailand in 10 days. Will be staying a week. My immunity is ok but not 100 percent from a prior illness. Should I cancel?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I don’t want to tell you what to do. If it was me I would try and postpone by month or (three) to see if things are improving.

  81. donna|

    I agree you should definitely should delay your travel that involves China and Hong Kong for now as you won’t be able to travel there anyways! We happen to be headed on a cruise Feb 15th and our ship had to change the Itinerary to avoid Hong Kong entirely. We also were told by the ship, if any of our flights happen to go through Hong Kong, we will be turned away from boarding. (my partners Singapore Airlines flight DID stop in Hong Kong). The cruise line offered a full refund if we chose not to go, but the travel insurance informed us that unless we were ill or this was a “terrorist event” they would NOT refund our flights, or any other costs we would lose associated with this trip. So much for insurance!!

    We have decided to go on the cruise (originates in Singapore and stops in Vietnam, Thailand and we’ll go to Angor Wat for a couple days), and our cruise line is giving us what results in a 17k credit towards a future cruise for the inconvenience in addition to other credits.

    I am not concerned with traveling to these other countries or on a ship because 1). I am a younger, healthy person with a strong immune system, 2). Am OCD about washing my hands and what I eat and drink, 3). Will be on a ship with access to great medical care and doctors.

    The reality is, I was an anchor/report in television news and know how this works…sadly, the virus makes a “great story” and despite the fact one person has died of the virus in Hong Kong (way more people die of a common flu and pneumonia every day), the world is lumping Hong Kong into that category, so they are being shunned. China, on the other hand, has the serious problem, hence why I would never consider going there now or anytime soon even if they were letting foreign tourists into their country, which they’re not right now.

    Good luck with your insurance. I hope they come through for you.

  82. donna|

    I agree you should definitely delay your travel that involves China and Hong Kong for now as you won’t be able to travel to those places anyways! We happen to be headed on a cruise Feb 15th and our ship had to change the Itinerary to avoid Hong Kong entirely or we’d be turned away from all ports and possibly quarantined.

    We also were told by the ship, if any of our flights happen to go through Hong Kong 14 days before boarding the ship, we will be turned away. (my partners Singapore Airlines flight DID stop in Hong Kong so we had to rebook going through Tokyo). The cruise line offered a full refund if we chose not to go, but the travel insurance informed us that unless we were ill or this was a “terrorist event” they would NOT refund our flights, or any other costs (tours, transfers, hotels, etc) we would lose associated with this trip. (we were going on to Tokyo for 6 more days after the cruise.) So much for insurance!!

    We have decided to go on the cruise (originates in Singapore and stops in Vietnam, Thailand and we’ll go to Angor Wat for a couple days), and our cruise line is giving us what results in a 17k credit towards a future cruise for the inconvenience in addition to other credits.

    I am not concerned with traveling to these other countries or on a ship because 1). I am a younger, healthy person with a strong immune system, 2). Am OCD about washing my hands and what I eat and drink, 3). Will be on a ship with access to great medical care and doctors.

    The reality is, I was an anchor/report in television news and know how this works…sadly, the virus makes a “great story” and despite the fact one person has died of the virus in Hong Kong (way more people die of a common flu and pneumonia every day), the world is lumping Hong Kong into that category, so they are being shunned. China, on the other hand, has the serious problem, hence why I would never consider going there now or anytime soon even if they were letting foreign tourists into their country, which they’re not right now.

    Good luck with your insurance. I hope they come through for you. And have a wonderful trip when you do go!!

  83. Janet|

    Allianz says the coronavirus is considered an epidemic, so they will not accept that as a reason to cancel your trip. I called them to ask and it also says so in the fine print of the policy email. So unless you have a “cancel for any reason policy” they will not refund your money.

  84. Ruby|

    Am very concerned about this virus as my Husband & I(we are both over 60) are travelling from Cape Town to Singapore on the 1st March & board the Quantum of the Seas for a 5day cruise on the 3rd March to Klang & Penang & back to Singapore ,then fly from KL for 2 day stay then to Bali for a 6 day stay. I contacted the travel agent & was told they busy with passengers travelling in Feb & will advise me closer to the time ??

  85. Ruby|

    I am flying to Singapore with my husband an joining the Quantum of the Seas for a 5 day cruise on the 3Rd March then fly to Kl & Bali. Am very concerned about the virus & contacted the travel agent & was told they will advise closer to the time if cruise is to be cancelled or postponed by the Shipping Agent as currently they are attending to passengers who are leaving in Feb..

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I will be surprised if this cruise goes as scheduled. I’m betting it gets canceled.

  86. Anonymous|

    Thanks Johnny, will definitely keep you posted

  87. Nancy Roney|

    Since CDC raised alert to 2 i’ve called my vendors, Airbnb, Agoda, Justfly etc. Agoda says no refund, justfly says depends on American Airlines. AA customer service person indicated I could go somewhere else with ticket if I change location before I leave. My host for airbnb says it is like the flu. if you take preventive measures you won’t get sick. suggests masks and stay out of crowds. Very few Chinese tourists in Tokyo and Kyoto so you don’t have the crowds. Still monitoring though. Unfortunately I didn’t get the cancel for any reason travel insurance but lesser type. Called APRIL Travel Protection 11900 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 610 Miami, Florida 33181 and was told no cancellation but they would transfer insurance to another trip. Airbnb has some clause about extenuating circumstances in their policy because of the virus that might allow a refund which I need to check out.


    What is more important your life or some trip? Even if one does not care about infecting other persons then you should care about your own life. No brainer, why risk it? Wait until the virus has been contained or when it becomes safe again.

  89. Delsie Julander|

    It’s hard to say

  90. James Walker|

    It has all the earmarks of being genuine. All that moves down. Nonetheless, I moreover Visit from U.s to the U.K. for a bit of while preceding During Covid-19. When I started my trip to the U.K., I accepted that I risk my life, yet I used security protections, and I also arrange a Service that helps me with my outing. It was a famous Service with all the prosperity shields they allowed me to finish my seven-day visit safely, and I am fulfilled to return. I furthermore recommended you keep away from expected danger and select the best help for you. Because of these expert associations, I felt safe and completed my trip.

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