I’ve had some INCREDIBLE trips this year. My honeymoon was the highlight, of course, but there are a few others I really enjoyed. One of those was my extended stay in Australia where I got to explore one of my favorite places in the world more than I ever have before. One of the perks about working with Tourism Australia is that I got A BUNCH of free things to giveaway to my readers.

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While you’re at it, leave me a message in the comment section about your favorite trip from last year. Two people will be chosen at random!

All official contest rules apply. Enter by the end of the day on Wednesday, 1/2/13. A winner will be announce the week of January 7th.

And be sure to watch for my contest next week. It’s going to be BIG.
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18 Comments On "What Was Your Favorite Trip of 2012?"
  1. Amy Moore|

    My favorite trip of 2012 was taking the ferry down the Inside Passage of Alaska. Beautifully slow travel.

  2. Suzanne in VA|

    Tough one to choose but I would have to say Glacier Park Montana June, 2012.

  3. Anonymous|

    My favorite trip was the one we weren’t able to take due to the necessary paperwork and fees for us to get marry in France and that would have been the honeymoon to Hawaii…

  4. Bo|

    My favorite trip last year was to Spain in May for my honeymoon. Beautiful sights, great food and the love of my life – could it be any better?

  5. Susan P.|

    My favorite trip in 2012 was a 2 week trip my sister and I took to the Pacific Northwest. Seattle, Vancouver, BC and Portland. The best part is we paid for the entire trip (airfare, hotels, food and rental car) with our sweepstakes wins!

  6. Dan|

    Two words: Machu Picchu and surrounding area. Words and pictures really don’t do it justice. Plan on spending 5 – 7 days in the area.

  7. Neet N|

    My most memorable trips this year were to Macchu Pichu and Lake Puno in Peru and to Istanbul and Cappadoccia in Turkey. Both will remain lifelong memories. Thanks for your travel inspiration man, this year I want to visit Easter Islands and go to Kazakhstan. :)

  8. Phil|

    My favorite trip was taking off with my wife to Madrid for a week then heading to Budapest, where we met up with one of our daughters for a week there. Then the three of us flew to Kiev for Easter week. I had permission from the Ukrainian Gov’t to visit Chernobyl, so we were chauffeured there for a in-depth tour of the abandoned city of Pripyat, the reactor and the area surrounding the disaster.

  9. Candace|

    My favorite trip last year was a week in Berlin last spring. The weather was cool, but the people and sights were great! We loved taking the subway and other means of public transportation to historic sights like Potsdam and Checkpoint Charlie. We will definitely be back soon!

  10. Karl P|

    We finally got to take a tour of Italy, from Rome up to Milan and the sights and food were amazing! We will be back for more!

  11. Rona Zevin|

    The World Figure Skating Championships in Nice – where we sat in the same box as Princess Caroline of Monaco for the Sunday Gala.

  12. Jill O.|

    Our best trip this year was a week spend in Anchorage, Alaska. To save money, we visited in the off-season. As a result, we definitely made some tourism compromises, but otherwise may not have been able to go at all. The highlights for us were the gorgeous drive from Anchorage to Seward, and a rainy day spent at the zoo with all the cold-weather animals that loved the rain and came out to say hello.

  13. mjsuber|

    My best trip this year was going back in time and staying in a 1930’s lodge on a lake in the middle of the Olympic temperate rain forest.

  14. Hawaii Couple|

    Our best trip in 2012 was two weeks on a reasonably priced private tour with Petra Nights Tours in Jordan visiting Crusader castles, Biblical holy sites, huge Roman ruins, swimming and applying mud in the Dead Sea, 3 days hiking and riding horses, donkeys and camels all over Petra (gorgeous!), enjoying the company of and having mint tea with Beduoins in their homes, eating delicious fresh shrak bread hot off the grill and overnighting in the spectacular Wadi Rum desert of Lawrence of Arabia fame!

  15. Vanessa Lee|

    My favorite trip was to Australia! I had a wonderful time on Kangaroo Island and visiting a friend in Sydney!

  16. lasagne|

    Eilat Israel – winter vacation paradise. Quiet, hot weather, fantastic hotels

  17. Megan G|

    Not my most exotic trip, but very meaningful. I spent a couple days in Sacramento and reconnected with an old BFF I hadn’t seen in 10+ years. Highlight was meeting his 5 year old son!

  18. Katy M|

    We didn’t travel extensively this year, but we did just get back from Maui and we totally fell in love. It was amazing.!

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