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Yesterday, I was in New York City attending a media event for Airbnb. I’ll share those details later today once the embargo is lifted. But since I was going straight to New York’s LaGuardia Airport immediately after the press event, I brought my bags with me. Something the bellman said to me and something that happened immediately after was the inspiration for this tip. RELATED: Brilliant: How a Simple Picture Can Prevent Headaches and Hassles if an Airline Loses Your Bag

If you get my travel tip newsletter (sign up here, it’s free) then you know I like to take photos of pretty much everything. Including the foods I eat while traveling. I also always take photos of my car rentals before and after to prove I didn’t do any damage.

I photograph my parking spots and hotel room numbers so I don’t forget where I parked or the room I’m in. And I take photos of my checked luggage so if my bags go missing, I can show the airline representative exactly what they look like. This is another reason not to travel with this kind of bag.

So yesterday, after I gave my bags to the bellman to store and he handed me a tag, something very interesting happened. As I started to walk away, I reached to grab my phone from my pocket to take a photo of it. The bellman said, “I recommend all our guests to take a pic of their tag so if they lose it, they won’t have any trouble getting them back.” I replied with a smile, because that’s exactly the kind of thing I do and it’s exactly the kind of advice every traveler needs.

I told him I also do this when I get a valet stub for my car at hotels, then I ‘favorite’ the photo so I’m not scrambling to find it.

Less than five minutes later, I walked out of the breakfast room to go outside to call my kids. A woman came up to me and said, “Excuse me, sir, you dropped this ticket stub.” It happened when I pulled my phone out of my pocket. How funny is that? It’s proof that this tip works and is the reason I’m sharing it with you.

Again, I take photos of almost everything and I say ‘almost’ because I know some people even take photos of their stoves, coffee makers and irons to remind themselves that they turned them off when they leave for a trip. Instead, of worrying, I have one of our indoor security cameras pointed at our stove so I can have peace of mind.

Speaking of peace of mind, I also have this garage door device that allows me to open and close it while I’m away. I can also see if it’s closed or not and most importantly, it sends me a notification if I accidentally leave it open for more than 10 minutes (you can set the time limit). Here’s more information on it.

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  1. Terry L|

    My wife and I also have wifi garage door control. However, Until recently, I hadn’t set the reminder notification. Prior to that we went on vacation and accidently left one of the doors open. The next day I received a delayed notification that our garage door #2 had opened at a time that would have been almost 18 hrs before. I checked the phone app and saw that door indicated open. After verifying via a garage camera, I immediately instructed the door to close via the app. When the app screen indicated it was closed, I again verified it via the camera. And then relaxed. I have since changed notifications such that I receive an open status much quicker!!

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