If you’re a big-time (or even once-in-a-while) business traveler, you need to check out Upside. “You deserve a better business trip,” they say. Here’s how they deliver it:

Upside is designed to reward “DIY” business travelers with savings, tech goodies and more (which are earned through repeated use) while taking the work out of identifying and booking the best options. Through their own algorithms and experience, they first act as a search engine, serving up options in one or more of the following categories for you to select from:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Rental cars
  • Uber rides

Say you need to plan a trip to San Francisco in January for business, and you’re based in New York. Once you’ve signed up for Upside (it’s free), you simply input your flight and hotel dates, and Upside will spit back options. Maybe you need a rental car, as well, so you select that. More options. If you anticipate needing Uber rides (maybe in place of a rental car), you can select that, as well. Nothing is booked until you’ve found what you’re looking for.

But Upside is more than a booking engine. When you book more than one thing at a time (flights and hotel, for example), you’ll pay less (usually 5-10% less) than if you buy those things separately. In addition, Upside guarantees you included 24/7 access to Upside’s travel service navigators by voice, chat or email from pre-booking until your trip is completed. They’ll help you find what you need before booking, overcome flight delays and cancelations when they happen, and even avoid potential issues before they materialize (like when bad weather is forecasted).

Best of all, when you come back to Upside again and again, you’ll accrue gift cards to be spent at the likes of Amazon.com, Nike.com, Nordstrom.com, and dozens of other online shopping portals. And with my the promo code BOSEJOHNNYJET, you’ll earn a set of Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II if/when you spend your first $600 on business travel before November 30.

Earn Bose headphones: Use promo code BOSEJOHNNYJET and spend $600 before December 30.

Have you tried Upside? What do you think?


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