I have two friends launching books this week, which is exciting — especially in quarantine times! First up, Cory Lee, who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at the age of two but whose thirst for adventure never ceased. Cory has traveled to all seven continents, while managing to run his award-winning travel blog curbfreewithcorylee.com, where he shares his accessible, and sometimes not so accessible, travel adventures with others.

Here’s my 39 Travel Questions with Cory Lee, which has direct links to our YouTube and podcast interview:

Cory’s book Let’s Explore with Cor Cor is a children’s book and here’s the description: “With a can-do attitude, Cor Cor shows that with enough determination anything is possible. Cor Cor’s readers learn about places around the world, as he explores exciting destinations from his wheelchair. Whether admiring the northern lights in Iceland or meeting kangaroos in Australia, no adventure is off-limits.

As a wheelchair user that has visited all seven continents, co-author Cory Lee (founder of the award-winning accessible travel blog Curb Free with Cory Lee) always wanted to read a book that he could relate to while growing up. Collaborating with his mom, co-author Sandy Gilbreath, they created this children’s picture book to show that the possibilities for all children are limitless, regardless of their abilities. Let’s Explore with Cor Cor is both fun and colorful, while teaching children about various landmarks and destinations from all over the world.”

Available on Amazon for $19.95 or better yet, buy an autographed copy of Let’s Explore with Cor Cor for $24.97.

The other book is Ontario Escapes: 19 Places To Visit Right Now! by my good friend Jim Byers. Jim has spent a dozen years wandering around Ontario as a travel writer, not to mention he used to be the travel editor and a sports reporter for the Toronto Star. Jim’s found some amazing and very surprising places and people along the way.

His book, Ontario Escapes: 19 Places To Visit Right Now!, details a series of captivating destinations that are easy to explore. Here’s what to expect:

“Within a few hours of the province’s biggest cities you can roll down giant sand banks as high an eight-storey building, swim in water that’s as blue as the Aegean Sea and enjoy towering waterfalls five minutes from one of Canada’s busiest highways.

You can experience some of the world’s best sunsets on Lake Huron, go boating among the beautiful islands of Muskoka, or dine on amazing meals in small, comfy towns.

You also can wander around a stunning garden filled with Zimbabwean Stone Art near Peterborough, learn about important Black history near Chatham, zigzag along pretty creeks in a national park in Toronto and explore a former silver mining community outside Thunder Bay. Come along for the road trip of a lifetime. You will be happy that you did.”

Available at Apple Books for $4.99.

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