Cebu, Philippines (
Sadly, I’ve never been to the Philippines. One province I hear is beautiful there is Cebu. As listed beneath this webcam, Cebu “is known as the ‘Queen of the South’ because of the picturesque region and the unique Carribean landscape. The earthTV camera is located on top of the Shangri-La hotel on Mactan Island a tourism and business hub of the region.”

Cebu, Philippines


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  1. Brad Leonard|

    I live in Southern Leyte – about a 45 minute plane ride from Cebu. The Shangri-La is indeed a beautiful resort. They were the first in Cebu to have an infinity pool.

    Think of America in the 1970s. That’s the Philippines now. Malls are huge, both in size and popularity. Classic rock plays from a lot of the shops. Prices for many things (food especially) are the same as in the US 40 years ago. And the people are friendly and open. The 5 star resorts are not cheap, though. If you stay downtown, there are deals for as little as $30 a night with breakfast. Not 5 star, but decent. And the Filipinos (government as well as the average Juan on the street) like us Kanos.

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