I recently wrote about EarthTV, which is where I find my travel fix these days since I’m not traveling. It’s an amazing channel, which I prefer to watch on my large-screen TV and not my computer via YouTube (here’s my story on EarthTV).

Since then, I’ve discovered many incredible webcams and I’ve noticed that the really good ones usually only have over a dozen people watching them. But one of the most popular ones I’ve come across is from EXPLORE.org of brown bears feasting on salmon as they swim upstream to spawn. It’s the coolest nature webcam ever!

YouTube video

The camera is situated on the shores of Brooks Falls in Alaska’s Katmai National Park, which is known as the best place in the world to watch bears feed. The camera is obviously live seasonally because bears hibernate and Alaska gets extremely cold so you can find out the best time to watch live and learn more about Katmai on EXLPORE.org. FYI: In the winter time, they show prerecorded highlights of the summer cam.

It’s not clear if someone from EXPLORE is operating the cam or if users can take turns as some webcams allow viewers to remotely control them by zooming in/out, going up/down or turning left/right.

I love this webcam because it brings nature to you, raw, unscripted and unedited. It’s mesmerizing to watch!



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