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Sleep is extremely important to our wellbeing and when you’re traveling, it’s even more important. Travel can set our internal clocks out of sync and turn us upside down and inside out, especially if you’re crossing multiple time zones.

Then, there’s the fact that your hotel room might not be conducive to a good night’s sleep for you. At home, most of us have our routines down pat and our sleep environment how we like it. But at a hotel, there may be too much noise or too much light. The mattress may be too hard (or too soft) and the pillows might not be the firmness you like. Add all of this up and it can be very difficult to sleep well when you’re traveling.

We’ve written about ways to get a better night’s when you’re traveling, like this piece about the sleep hack every traveler needs to know and how to sleep better in a hotel.

I also highly recommend this blackout sleep mask to help you block out light at night and also help to relieve headaches.

But another great tip to help you sleep like a baby (literally and figuratively) is a white noise machine. While I used one of these often to help lull my babies to sleep, white noise machines can also benefit adult sleep, too. (And yes, you can download a white noise app on your phone but some people don’t like tying up their phone that way.)

The Homedics SoundSpa is compact and portable for travel and offers six different sounds to fall asleep to: White noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night and brook. Mimicking a natural environment, it’s designed to help you fall asleep more peacefully. It can be set to turn off in 15, 30 or 60 minutes and can be plugged into a wall or can be powered by four AA batteries.

When a hotel environment is providing the atmosphere you need to sleep well, a white noise machine might be just the solution you need. It’s also great for use at home or in your office if you need to block out ambient noise. Buy the Homemedics SoundSpa portable white noise machine here. Check out other white noise machine options here.

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  1. Michael Levine|

    Hi John,

    I actually use an app on my iPhone called White Noise, believe it’s $39 per year. It gives numerous selections of sounds, such as air filter (the one I use), fan, lawn sprinkler, airplane cabin, etc. Of course you need to charge your phone while you are sleeping and the advantage is that you don’t need to carry an extra device with you, since most of us use our phones for everything.

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