Rough Guides' "Travel The Liberation Route Europe"

This year, 2019, marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Europe by the Allies in WWII. In commemoration, Rough Guides is releasing a book on the subject called “Travel The Liberation Route Europe.” Most of all, it’s a guidebook offering detailed travel help in nine European countries. The book also traces the footsteps of Allied soldiers in 1944-45 and tells human stories that defined their journey.

Rough Guides’ “Travel The Liberation Route Europe” ($23.05 on Amazon)

Here’s what inside the book, per Amazon:

  • “Detailed regional coverage: provides information on all the important sights linked to the Liberation in nine countries – starting in the UK where much of the planning and preparation took place, then Italy, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany
  • Evocative features: inspirational biographies of war heroes from all nine countries, authoritative features on the role of colonial troops, war brides, the Prague uprising and many more. Inter-chapter features reflect upon the Resistance movements, the Holocaust and the liberation of the camps and the post-Liberation reconstruction
  • Meticulous mapping: always full colour, with clear numbered, colour-coded keys
  • Fabulous full-colour photography: features inspirational colour photography, including portraits of war heroes and thought-provoking historical images of the Liberation
  • Experiences: a selection of unique ways to learn more about events of the Liberation: explore the D-Day beaches in an historic D-Day Jeep in Normandy, France or experience the Sunset March  – a daily tribute to the Allied Soldiers where a veteran (of any war) walks on the Crossing Bridge with street lamps lighting up with every step – in Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Itineraries: carefully planned routes will help you organise your trip, and inspire and inform your on-the-road experiences
  • Background information: a comprehensive introduction to the end of World War II puts the events of the Liberation in context”

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