This morning, I was on NewsNation Now to talk about the busy Memorial Day weekend travels, the latest scary incidents and what summer travel is going to look like.

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For starters, on Friday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced Americans set an all-time record: 2,951,163 individuals were screened at U.S. airport checkpoints. The previous record was 2,907,378, which happened the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2023.

In the last two weeks, TSA has recorded five of their top 10 busiest days ever. See graph above. For this to happen in May is unheard of and is a good predictor of how busy the summer is going to be. I think we might see this record broken multiple times in the next few months. My bet is on Friday, June 28th since this year, Fourth of July falls on a Wednesday. I think those numbers will break three million, which would be truly staggering.

Nichole Berlie, one of NewsNation’s anchors asked me if I was worried about the recent incidents in the sky. Here are some of the topics we touched on:

Spirit Airlines passenger says cabin prepared for a possible water landing after flight suffered an apparent mechanical issue
The cabin of a Spirit Airlines flight from Jamaica to Florida became a scene of panic and confusion Sunday when passengers were told to prepare for a possible water landing after the aircraft was turned around due to an apparent mechanical problem, a passenger told CNN. The Airbus plane, which was headed to Fort Lauderdale, reversed course and safely returned to Montego Bay, Jamaica, “out of an abundance of caution following a suspected mechanical issue,” the airline said in a statement. The passengers were deplaned and later put on a different plane to reach their destination. Yahoo

O’Hare fire: Engine of Airbus A320 catches fire, delaying United Flight 2091 to Seattle
It was a smoky, false start to a cross-country flight. Monday afternoon, cell phone video shot from inside a Seattle-bound plane at O’Hare shows smoke spilling from the area near the wing of United Flight 2091, an Airbus 320. ABC7 Chicago

Plane forced to turn around mid-flight after naked man runs down aisle
A plane was forced to turn around mid-flight after a naked man ran down the aisle before being tackled by another passenger. Police said a man has been accused of running naked down the aisle of an Australian domestic flight, knocking down a flight attendant and forcing the plane to turn back. The Independent

As scary as those first two incidents must have been for those involved, as a whole I’m not concerned that either is a predictor of future problems. Flying is still safer than driving. Per CNN: “Aviation is the safest mode of transportation,” says Anthony Brickhouse, a professor of aviation safety at Florida’s Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. “If you look at the numbers, you’re more at risk to have an accident driving to the airport than you are flying at 38,000 feet. I tell people, if you make it to your flight, the most hazardous part of your day is actually behind you.”

In the interview, I also talked about the fact that you can still find deals as long as you’re flexible with your dates and even your destinations. In fact, I just rebooked my flight to Europe next month because a better deal using miles popped up.

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