When I get off of a long flight, I usually need to book it to my hotel and log on to the internet. Usually, it’s because I’m slammed with work or I have a conference call or Zoom meeting to attend. And there is nothing more frustrating than getting into your hotel room and then not being able to connect to the internet. It’s happened to me countless times.

Usually, I’ll make a call down to the front desk and they’ll usually transfer me to their tech team so I can speak with someone. The hold time can feel like hours and then the solution is so simple, you’ll feel like it was all a waste of valuable time.

And what’s the simple solution? Generally, you just need to restart your computer. It’s happened to me many times so before you waste your time calling the front desk or dealing with tech support, try rebooting your computer first before making a fool of yourself, like I have in the past.

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7 Comments On "The Simple Trick to Try When Your Laptop Won’t Connect to the Internet"
  1. David R. Miller|

    This is old news.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      No one said it was new. It’s a tip

  2. Bunny Martin|

    Thanks-definitely better than kicking it–good reminder!

  3. Jeffrey D. Coe|

    Sometimes simply turning off the wireless radio and turning it back on will be sufficient.

  4. Bettina H Salter|

    Reboot is my favorite fix! Works on all sorts of devices. Someone had to teach me that and I’m happy you are getting out the tip to those who may not know it.


    Most cellular phones include a Wi-Fi Hotspot app. If you have a cellular connection you can often connect the Wi-Fi through your personal hotspot. 5G is great. 4G is usually adequate. Slower than 4G can be hit or miss.

  6. Len Malena|

    Agree, rebooting fixes most all problems on most all devices but i prefer to use the Hotspot on my phone to provide internet to my laptop or tablet, assuming of course you have decent cell service.

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